Skrabets: value of the dollar in Belarus will continue to increase

Management's decision to deny the Russian Federation, Belarus stabilization loan commented Deputy Chairman of Planning and Budget Commission of the House of Representatives of the second convocation Sergei Skrabets.

"Our Belarusian rubles not yet reached a certain rate at which you can buy and sell currencies. The population is very alarmed. Today, people are heard through the official channels and radio that the currency is already available. They went to the exchangers. And we saw that some are closed and the other is still no exchange. Therefore it is possible to set a course for the 4000 dollar, you can put ten thousand, but if the currency is not, then there is no possibility to buy it.

In Lately Belarus did not earn, and printing money. They go to a variety of activities such as military parades or something else unknown to ordinary citizens. This makes it impossible to call the real value of the Belarusian ruble. So my predictions are — in the value of the dollar Belarusian ruble will continue to increase. But as far as — I do not presume to predict as it is unknown where it will stop. As they say Russian entrepreneurs should find the bottom, as far as fall Belarusian ruble. And only then, perhaps, some will go to Belarus grants or loans. "

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