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On the modern methods of implantation tell the dentist, the implant surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon dentistry department of the International Medical Centre ON CLINIC — Paul A. Melnichenko.

— Pavel, please tell us about the differences between the implantation of the prosthesis.

Implantation — the most effective and promising method to date restore dentition: it does not require grinding of healthy teeth for crowns; implanted tooth looks more aesthetically pleasing, it is virtually impossible to distinguish from the native tooth. It is this method preferred by dentists today around the world.

— What are the benefits of implants? Whether in performance and durability of the implanted teeth are superior to conventional dentures?

— In order to understand why the method of implantation is considered the best in comparison with prosthetics, you need to consider all sides of the issue.

First, as already mentioned, in prosthetics damaged the adjacent teeth. Implant placement that does not involve.

Secondly, the implants installed in any amount. Bridge can replace no more than 2-3 teeth. In this case, the load on the supporting teeth longer because of the "gravity" of the structure, which undermines and destroys them. Implanted tooth withstand the same load as the native. Bridge "load" the adjacent teeth, and this will inevitably lead to their loss.

Third, the bridge does not provide a full load on the jawbone and it is inevitable "decay". This is an irreversible process, the result of which — the distortion of features, facial proportions, etc. The implant is fully replaces native tooth, prevents the process of destruction of bone tissue.

Fourthly, the service life prosthesis — no more than 10 years, the implant — is not limited. In this case, the implants do not require special care, as the bridge.

I think further comments.

Paul A. Melnichenko

— How soon after implantation can be performed tooth extraction?

The main condition — the complete restoration of bone tissue. It is advisable to install the implant is not earlier than 2-3 months after tooth extraction.

In some cases, illustrates the recovery of lost teeth with implants?

First, the absence of one or several teeth. In a situation of complete absence or implantation is carried out, or dentures.

The indications for implantation is also the sensitivity of the patient to acrylates — the main component of the prosthesis and a pronounced gag reflex (as a reaction to the denture).

The lack of teeth in the past has always been a number of difficulties in the traditional prosthesis. In the case of implantation of the matter is removed, since the implant does not matter the number of teeth in its environment.

— What diagnostic tests are carried out?

Prior to the implantation of a physician assesses the state of the jaw bone, as this depends directly on its outcome.

To do this, the medical center ON CLINIC conduct radiological examinations: ortopantomogrammu (image upper and lower dental arches), the dental radiographs (sighting shots), computed tomography.

— Sometimes patients after the loss of one or more teeth in no hurry to turn to the dentist and repair of teeth for various reasons. Could this somehow affect health?

The patient, time will not reimburse the lost tooth implant, the risks not only to part with the other teeth, to which the load has increased, but also "buy" a disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

Due to the absence of several teeth can bite is disrupted develop a variety of diseases of the temporomandibular joint. This, in turn, "poured" in severe headaches, can lead to disability.

In addition, there may be speech disturbances, changes in the proportions of the face and cosmetic defects. Missing teeth leads not only to health but also social, psychological problems.

— Implantation involves not just individual manipulation, and an integrated approach?

In the department of dentistry medical center ON CLINIC during implantation and functional recovery of the lost teeth of the patient involved a team of specialists.

The united efforts of dental surgeons, orthopedic, dental technicians and other specialists is possible in each individual case to determine the range of activities required. An integrated approach achieves positive results of dental implants.

— In some cases, the preparation and the actual implantation is carried out quickly, easily and safely transported, and in what — is a "long" time?

Duration of the treatment process is always individual. At first, the doctor assesses bone health, its size and ability to withstand the necessary load. To restore the full amount of bone may take some time.

After the implant, the process of osseointegration and implant integration. This process creates a secure base for future construction. This is followed by orthopedic stage, fixed crown of the tooth.

At the time of treatment options for patients are offered a temporary replacement tooth row: dentures or designs on miniimplantatah.

— Which implant system are you using? Why do you work it with them?

The medical center ON CLINIC used implant systems from different vendors, such as «Nobel Biocare» (Switzerland, USA), «MIS» (Israel), «OSSTEM"(Korea).

All of these manufacturers are established market leaders. Implants of these companies have good quality, a high degree of biocompatibility, securely attached and withstand high loads. There are other more "subtle" differences and individual readings. Including the difference in price.

Selection of the implant is carried out together with the implant dentist, which takes into account the wishes and possibilities of the patient.

To use ceramic crowns or metal-ceramic materials.

— In some cases, prior to implantation is assigned an operation to restore the bone? What are the methods?

— Implantation hampered by insufficient thickness and height of the bone tissue into which the implant is introduced. In these cases, you are restoring and building bone.

Dental surgeon ON CLINIC may be: sinus lift (Increased bone of the upper jaw by the introduction into the area of osteoplastic maxillary sinuses), or directed regeneration(Bone regeneration, including the use of autologous, patient's own bone) bone grafting.

Dentists ON CLINIC to speed up the process of regeneration, growth of bone and soft tissue, using modern biotechnology.

How long after implantation is necessary to visit the dentist?

— During the 1st year of the patient should be observed every 3-4 months. In addition, for each patient to make a program of oral hygiene measures.

— Thank you for the interesting conversation!

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