Soccer match in the siege of Leningrad

May 6, 1942, it was decided to hold a football match at the stadium "Dynamo" in the besieged Leningrad.

Two months after the start of stateliness Russian war in August 1941, the Germans launched a massive coming to Leningrad. The Nazis planned to capture Leningrad, and then deploy the tremendous forces coming to Moscow. Then the people stood shoulder to shoulder to protect his native town. And it does not matter: you're an adult or a child — a war of all concerned.

After suffering a disaster at the walls of Leningrad, the Nazis decided to strangle city hunger. By late August, the Nazis managed to cut the metal road Moscow-Leningrad. September 8, 1941 the fascist ring around Leningrad by land was steep-sided. Began blockade. At the beginning of the blockade in the town had about 2.5 million people, 400 million of them children.

But every day or they became increasingly less and less. City remained without electricity, food supplies, but the people of Leningrad continued to fight and work. During the siege of hunger only in Leningrad died above 640 000 man and more 17 000 man were killed by bombs and shells.

From the end of November 1941 earned the Ladoga ice track — the famous road of life, which carried on bread. The Nazis brutally bombarded her. For many people, this road was the last. But people do not lose heart. The blockade has combined all together.

So as not to lose the power of the spirit and support of others, people wrote poems, drawn, painting and inventing music.

In the besieged city makes the composer Shostakovich 7th Leningrad Symphony, which became a symbol of the resurrection of Leningrad and the resistance to the enemy.

In April 1942, the German aircraft scattered leaflets over our parts, "Leningrad — the city of the dead. We do not take it yet, because we are afraid of cadaveric epidemic. We wiped the city off the face of the earth. "

Hard to say who first thought then about football, but May 6, 1942 Lengorispolkom decided to hold a football game at the stadium "Dynamo". Thus, in the siege of Leningrad on May 31, a football match between teams "Dinamo" and Leningrad iron plant. The game, which was accomplished in May at the stadium "Dinamo", defied the hostile propaganda reasons. Leningrad lived and even played football!

It was hard to recruit 22 people. To carry out the match with the best former players have been recalled. The players understand that they will enjoy their own game of Leningrad and show the country that Leningrad alive.

The team "Dinamo" was made up almost entirely of players who spoke before the war for the club, while the factory team was diverse — played by those who just knew how to play and who was strong enough to play football, because the forces of starved inhabitants of Leningrad barely enough to just move around.

Not all athletes were able to get out on the field. Very strong depletion did not allow them to take part in the game. With the tremendous difficulty was able to play was discharged from the hospital after a severe stage dystrophy midfielder "Zenith" A. Misha. First as the ball passed him in the game on its head, knocked him down.
The stadium "Dinamo" was "plowed" bomb craters. Play it was not. Played on the reserve field of the stadium. Urban residents were not warned about the match. Fans were injured from the adjacent hospital.

The match consisted of 2-shortened halves of 30 minutes. The meeting was held without replacements. 2nd Half players had the bombing. How could emaciated and exhausted players spend on the field all the time, nobody knew.

First, unhurried movement on the field these people are not sufficiently resemble athletic contest. If a player fell — get yourself no strength. The audience, as in the pre-war years, cheering the players. Evenly game to normal. During the break, did not sit down on the grass, they knew — not strength to rise. After the game, the players left the field arm in arm, so it was easier to walk. Match in the besieged town was not easy. It was a feat!

The fact of the match in the besieged town did not go unnoticed by our or Germans. It has caused great repercussions in the whole country, lifted the spirit of the inhabitants of the town.

January 27, 1944 Russian troops of the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts broke through the blockade ring. Completed the longest and worst blockade in history, which lasted 900 days and nights.

Leningrad persevered and prevailed! The memorial plaque to these people truly steel was installed at the stadium "Dinamo" only in 1991. It shows the silhouettes of football players and is inscribed: "Here, at the stadium" Dynamo "in the most languid days of blockade May 31, 1942 Dynamo Leningrad blockade had historical match with a team of Iron Factory. " Later games in the besieged town of Leningrad became permanent.
Everyone knew — the city lives!

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