Solving the mystery of Easter Island

Many researchers have tried to decipher the ancient hieroglyphic signs of the famous Easter Island, but to no avail. Today, all over the world studying the literature of the ancient civilization of the island in the Pacific Ocean only a few people involved. One of them lives in Krasnodar. 11 years ago, reported the sensational discovery chief of the remote control, communications and computer technology enterprise "Krasnodarelektro" Sergei Ryabchikova who managed to find the key to the mysterious hieroglyphics. The past year has confirmed the correctness made Ryabchikov clues and has brought many new and exciting discoveries.

Sergei Riabchikov carried away by unraveling the mystery of Easter Island 18 years ago. Although trained as a physicist, his linguistic and historical research by amateur will not be called.

After all, when pure encryption, the mathematical methods by which Sergey initially tried to "talk" ancient writings brought to a standstill, he sat down to study the history, languages, cultures throughout Polynesia. He learned, for example, is not only a modern Rapanui (another name for Easter Island — Rapa Nui), but also its ancient foundation.

Mysterious marks left by the ancient islanders — figures of humans and animals, pictures of plants, boats, sails, etc. — have come down to us in the form of texts by 20 pieces of wood, pectorals, staff and the bird-man figure that is stored in various museums world. One of these boards, known in the art as big Leningrad, in the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography in St. Petersburg — it was donated Miklukho-Maclay Tahitian Bishop T. Zhossanom. It is on this plank Riabchikov once, when the amount of information about the life of ancient islanders became large enough and was able to find the key to the ancient texts. At the moment of inspiration suddenly withdrew a complex chain that includes the name of one of the deities of Rapa Nui, and events of the ancient myth, and Riabchikov saw that the characters are added to the word "shark".

Using the matching key, Riabchikov could read values, and many other characters, with the correct decryption repeatedly tested formal analysis of texts, laws alternating sounds of Polynesian language, and specific combining the values obtained with the known folklore texts.

By 1985, Sergei deciphered about 70 characters, and completely unable to read certain sections of code. And, walking is a pioneering way, the results were totally different interpretation of several well-known attempts made in the world on the basis of recorded in the last century by Bishop T. Zhossanom readings boards Rapa Nui METOP. However, the report on the results of decoding the world in their own country Riabchikov could not — the official Soviet science was holding a solid defense against the encroachments of self-taught.

The first publication of the Krasnodar scientist appeared in international journals. And only a liberal trends of perestroika allowed to break "phenomenon Ryabchikova" and in their country. Krasnodar researcher was invited to perform in Moscow on "Writing of Easter Island: results of deciphering" at the XX International Conference for the Study of the South Pacific, speaker and Maklaevskih readings in St. Petersburg, conducts an extensive correspondence with scientists from New Zealand, USA , the UK, Australia and other countries.

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