Some facts inexplicable from the point of view of modern science

Many people know that modern science does not have answers to many questions, limited-established laws. Many phenomena around us has long needed a new foundation for the explanation.

Strange flying ships Pioneer 10 and 11 Space research stations 10 and Pioneer 11 (launched in 1972 and 1973.) Long ago completed their flight through the solar system, but scientists still are paying special attention to them.

Although Pioneer 11 was completely lost, the two research stations unexpectedly (and inexplicably) changed the direction of his flight. However, the puzzles do not stop there: it seems that the two ships headed to the same direction.

Puzzled scientists led a great many assumptions about: computer errors, solar winds, a fuel leak. However, this still remained only at the level of speculation, nothing was not proven.

Dark energy

Most physicists were once convinced that the expansion of the universe gradually decreased. But already in 1998, it became clear that this is not the case. On the contrary, our universe is expanding. The explanation of this phenomenon can be called dark energy, which is assumed to be three-quarters of our universe.

By all accounts, the dark energy is rarely covered, and interacts with other objects by means of gravity. Dark energy has negative pressure, because she literally breaks the universe. This is what explains the continued expansion of the universe.

Speed of light

According to Einstein's theory of relativity, nothing is faster than the speed of light. Well, the scientists had to try to do the impossible, and they did it. In 2000, scientists at the University of Princeton sent a small laser pulse through the steam produced from the gaseous cesium. The researchers achieved their goal: a laser pulse moving in the vapor space faster than light.

The placebo effect

Placebo — this is a tablet or a drug that is essentially a drug, but does not actually contain any active ingredients, and therefore does not have any effect on the person taking the placebo. This mysterious phenomenon called the placebo effect. That's how our mind can affect health is still not completely clear to science, but scientists have been working on this, and perhaps soon the veil of secrecy is ajar.

Cold fusion

When atoms collide with enough force, they may be combined. Along with this merger releases massive amounts of energy. All kinds of scientific theories assert us that that this can only happen in an environment with an incredibly strong energy, for example, in the solar core.

However, scientific experiments have shown that this can be achieved in a real situation. If you spend a voltage between the electrodes of palladium that are in the water, which contains heavy hydrogen and deuterium, the incredible phenomenon happens in front of you.


Yawn taken taken as a sign of fatigue or boredom, but no one can deny the fact that a person yawns, not only when he is bored or sleepy. Anaerobic athletes such as sprinters or weightlifters often notice that yawn during the most active training and competition. Yawning plus everything else and inexplicably "contagious": if someone near you yawns, you will want to do the same.

One of the hypothetical function of yawning is the accumulation of carbon dioxide. However, this does not explain all aspects of yawning, for example, why it is still so contagious.

Dark Matter

All objects attract other objects, and the more objects can attract this or that object, the greater the force of gravity. It's pretty simple. However, the modern understanding of the concept of gravity does not give us an explanation of why the visible objects moving freely in the universe.

In order to solve this problem, modern physicists have created a special hypothetical substance — dark matter. The presence of dark matter can be determined only by its gravitational effects that it has on the larger ones. It is believed that dark matter makes up most of the mass of the universe.

What happened before and what comes after

There are many different theories describing what would happen if our universe did come to an end. But also full of different hypotheses for the origin of our world. Yes, in this case, it is not necessary to be an expert of quantum mechanics in order to say that any of these theories can not be verified for truthfulness.

Some questions can not be answered simply. Where to get a person after death? What is the purpose of human life? These questions for a long time will not give peace a curious mind of man.



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