Something stolen iPhone

February 2, 2013 13:59

Manager of the pub, located in West Bromwich, said that his mobile phone was stolen ghost. As proof of his words a man demonstrates the video captured by the camera surveillance.

Something stolen iPhone

At 2:30 am a 30-year-old Ajay Kohan came to public house, where he worked as a manager. A man was sitting at a table, studying the documentation, and then went to the bar to have a word with the staff of the pub.

Ajay leave your iPhone on the seat — in this hour facility was empty, and the property of others Pozar was nobody. Returning to his seat, the manager found the lack of a mobile phone, as reported by the bartender and waitress.

The staff searched the room, but could not find the lost item. Ajay then decided to watch the video from surveillance cameras, hoping to see the thief. But from what he saw his hair stood on end manager — something that is under a cloth, quietly visor iPhone.

"It's just crazy, I saw as something to grab the phone. In the pub was empty. I can not explain what happened — on my iPhone vibrate function is not installed, and in general at the time it was turned off. It was as if an invisible stole my thing "- excitedly tells robbed ghost manager.

By the way, the next morning, a man found his phone across the room.

This event is one of a series of inexplicable events: people drinking establishment said that surveillance cameras recorded the glowing balls, flying around the room at night.

A few days after the theft iPhone ghost at all out of print — to accept a friendly pat staff pub.

"When one of us is alone in the room, it feels touching his shoulders. I am skeptical about the talk of spirits and ghosts, but now I find it hard to stay calm. Even my dog feels wrong and refuses to go into the cafe. The mysterious incident led to the fact that one employee refused to work the evening shift "- complains Kohan.

But the pub regulars seem to know whose it tricks.

"The bench, which disappeared Adzheya phone was a favorite Gary Stevens, who died in 1993 of a heart attack. I remember Gary, drinks after work, said it was only his place. Strange coincidence, is not it? "- Slyly smiling 45-year-old Phil Lambert, who for 20 years has been a regular customer bar.

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