Star. Secrets. Destiny watch online

Star.  Secrets.  Destiny watch online
All failures are not random celebrities, they really avoid if you know how! The specialists of our programs from — astronomers, psychics, clairvoyants — learn the shocking details of the lives of Russian show business stars in the latest programmke TV-3 "Stars, sanctuary, destiny."
It seems like all of them there is — People love big fees, esters on federal channels. But each of them there is terrible lurking. They spend their own vacation or holiday resorts, and in places not so remote. Zhdya meetings with beloved people.
Physiognomist Alexander Nurnin we'll see in the eyes of celebrities relatives. And say — what crime have added wrinkles on their faces.

Issue Number 1. Nikolai Baskov.

Issue Number 2. Bewitch the groom.

Issue Number three. The criminal relatives.

Issue Number 4. Family disaster.

Life stars, gossip, sensationalism

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