Star Wars 5000 years ago. Continued Part 2

Astronauts in ancient India?…When morning came, Rama, taking the celestial ship, ready to start. That ship was large and beautifully decorated, two-story, with many rooms and windows. The ship issued a melodic sound before soar in the clouds … So is described in the ancient Indian epic "Ramayana" start-god hero in the heavenly korable.Tam same evil demon Ravana abducted Sita, Rama's wife, put her in his ship and headed home. However far he could not get away: Rama on his "fire" machine caught the thief, knocked out the ship of Ravana and Sita returned. A frame is a mysterious weapon used — "arrows of Indra" … Descriptions of various flying objects — "vimaanas" — is found not only in the "Ramayana", but also in the "Rig Veda" (II millennium BC) and other works that have come down down to us from antiquity. In the "Rig Veda" terrible god Indra rushed into the space in an airship, waging war against the demons, destroying the city of his terrible oruzhiem.Letatelnye ancient machines were described as "surrounded by a cloud of meteors powerful" as the "flame of a summer night" as "a comet in the sky . "How can we assess these descriptions? The easiest way — to write off reports of aircraft at the expense of fantasy, imagination. But is not alerted even a skeptic such detail: Indian gods and heroes fought in the skies than dragons or birds, and manned "aircraft" from on board the terrible weapon? The descriptions contain the very real technological osnovu.Tak, not fantastic appears to specialists book "Vimanik prakarana" (in Sanskrit — "A Treatise on flights"). Its authorship is attributed to the great sage Bharadwaja. It is also considered the author of several hymns "Rig Veda". Indologists did not rule out that he was one of the Aryan missionaries were advancing with large groups of Aryans who came to India, presumably in the III millennium BC from an area north of the Black Sea and the Caspian morey.Vpervye this book is a dead language Sanskrit, which, according to some experts, is only the fortieth (!) part of the work "Wiman Vidya" ("Science of Aeronautics") was published in 1943 . Its text was written in the 20 years of this century Venkatachakoy Sharma in the retelling of the sage Subrayi Shastri. Sam Subrayya Shastri argued that the text of the book for several millennia passed orally from generation to pokolenie.Tschatelny analysis of a number of descriptions in this work made modern scholars to seriously ask the question — is it really the ancient Indians were known secrets of aeronautics? Some excerpts from the book point to the high technical knowledge of the people who lived in the gray matter starinu.Tri — two solid and one liquid — obtained in the laboratory in accordance with the formulas set forth in the book, were demonstrated recently by scientists Narin Shethom held in Hyderabad (state Andhra Pradesh), a national symposium on "Science and technology in ancient India." He claims that the book reflected extensively on the representation of the ancient thinkers of aeronautics, aircraft and some of its systems, the science of the sun and solar energy use in aircraft apparatah.Tselaya head " Vimanik prakarana, "said Narin Sheth, devoted to the description of the unique device" Guhagarbhadarsh yantra ", which was mounted on an aircraft. As stated in the book, it can be had with a flying "Vimana" to locate objects hidden under the ground. According to some experts, it is a dislocated under the ground antiaircraft weapons protivnika.Pribor "Guhagarbhadarsh yantra" consists of 12 components, including a kind of semiconductor "Chambak mani" (alloy magnetic properties), which is the source of the "Shakti" — " of force. " In this case, according to Narina Shetha, refers to "the source of the energy of radiation," the ability to define objects hidden under the ground, sending microwave signals, and taking ih.Narinu Shethu took three years to determine the 14 materials of which, according to the formula is alloy "Chambak mani." Then, with the assistance of the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, the scientist managed to make it. The alloy is described as "a solid black color with magnetic properties, insoluble in acid." It, in particular, present silicon, sodium, iron, and copper. "Guhagarbhadarsh yantra" — only one of 32 units or instruments, which according to the description may be mounted on the aircraft and used for monitoring purposes hidden register protivnika.V contains descriptions of the various instruments, performing, by today's standards, the functions of radar, cameras, spotlights and used, in particular, the energy of the sun, as well as descriptions of destructive weapons. It is said about the diet of pilots, their clothes. Aircraft, according to the "Vimanik prakarana," created out of metal. The three types of "Somaka" "saundalika" "maurthvika" and alloys that can withstand very high temperatury.Zatem case of seven mirrors and lenses that can be installed on board "vimaanas" for visual observations. Thus, one of them, called "The Mirror Pindzhuly", was intended to protect the eyes from the blinding pilots' diabolical ray "protivnika.Dalshe describes the sources of energy, resulting in the movement of aircraft. They are also seven. Called four types of aircraft — "Rukma Wiman," "Sundara Vimana", "Tripura Vimana" and "SHACUN Wiman." For example, "Wiman Rukma" and "Sundara Vimana" have a conical shape. "Rukma Wiman" is described as a three-tier aircraft with propeller in the base. On the second "floor" — cab for passengers. "Sundara Vimana" is a lot like "Rukma Wiman," but unlike the latter, more streamlined. "Tripura Vimana '- a bigger ship. Moreover, this multi-purpose device and can be used for both aerial and underwater for puteshestviy.Svoego kind of prototype reusable spacecraft can be called "SHACUN Wiman." According to the description in the book, it is the most difficult technically and structurally, the most manevrennyy.Analiz "Vimanik prakarana" described in the book "devastating weapon" has led British explorer David Davenport to guess about the cause of the sudden death of the city of Mohenjo-Daro, belonging to the oldest pre-Aryan civilization in the Indus river basin in Pakistan. According to Davenport, the city destroyed weapons of enormous destructive sily.V "Ramayana" is mentioned about the destruction of a number of cities around the same area. David Davenport leads in favor of his assumptions and such proof. On the ruins of Mohenjo-daro clearly visible to extremely high temperatures and strong shock wave. Maybe it's the result of a nuclear explosion? Found at the epicenter of the alleged explosion of pottery shards melted. Chemical analysis does not preclude the fact that they were exposed to a temperature of about 1500 degrees on Tselsiyu.Sovsem no accident, say Indian and Western scholars, concepts and ideas, "Vimanik prakarana" does not correspond to the time, which include the creation of this piece, quite different from the prevailing Then the representation of a person on the outside mire.Chto more surprisingly, mentioned in the Book of technology is radically different from the modern space technology. Flying machines are driven by some kind of internal energy, and not to fuel use. Movement in space exclusively stremitelny.Ne looked through there a connection with UFOs, seen in this century many earthlings? Referred to in the ancient work process solutio
ns and aircraft can be explained not only disappeared from the face of the earth highly developed civilization. Is not "Vimanik prakarana" consequence of contacts with aliens who visited Earth civilization since time immemorial? Maybe sage and missionary Bhadravadzh was an apt pupil, whom the representatives of other civilizations have shared their knowledge?


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