State Department prepares a UN resolution on Belarus

The Company said in the report Esther Brymer, Head of the Bureau of the U.S. State Department to work with international organizations.

Also Wednesday, the U.S. ambassador to the UN Council on Human Rights Eileen Chembrleyn naked issued a statement in which it expressed concern about the United States' suppression of peaceful protests in some parts of the world. "

Government be held responsible for violations of the basic rights of its citizens …

In particular, Chembrleyn recalled that the Belarusian power "detained three opposition presidential candidates and convicted of at least 38 opposition activists in trials that did not reach the most minimal standards required of a fair and independent justice system."

"Governments must be held accountable for violations of the basic rights of its citizens to freedom of assembly, expression, religion and speech," — said the representative of the United States.

Among the other countries mentioned in the statement naked — Iran, Myanmar, China, Zymbabve, Cuba, Venesuela and others, including Bahrain — one of the closest sayuznikav Washington in the Middle East.

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