State of emergency in the Baltic: Savvy was left without a stroke as a result of fire

State of emergency in the Baltic: "Savvy" was left without a stroke due to fireCorvette "Quick-witted"Remained without progress in the western part of the Baltic Sea due to a fire, which appeared in the engine room, reports" The Central Navy Portal. "

According disk imaging Central Navy Portal, personnel managed to cope with the fire, but eventually extinguishing activities separate equipment is exposed to water and out of order. Victims or victims in the middle of the personnel there.

According to the preparatory disk imaging, the possible causes of fire are short in the wiring or improper conduct of the crew. The fire appeared in the corridor flues.

Personnel to eliminate the risk of fire took more than an hour.

As reported, a team of scientists, the commander of the Danish Working Group, the captain of the first rank Aage Buur Jensen, expressed his regret that due to the fire "Quick-witted"Will not be able to take part in the international naval exercise" Daneks-Noko-2012 ", which were to begin on Mon, September 3.

"Savvy" was built by JSC Shipbuilding Plant "Severnaya Verf". Laid down at the boat factory in St. Petersburg, May 20, 2003, launched on 31 March 2010. The crew of "gumption" led by the commander of the second rank of captain Alexander ascended the Telepova ship first 2011 year. 29.07 Municipal tests began.2011. Delivered to the Navy 14 October 2011. On the same day come true festive ceremony of the first lift Navy flag ship, and according to the orders of Commander of the Navy — enrollment structure formation of surface ships of the Baltic Fleet with a place-based Baltiysk.

In the day of the Navy, 29 July 2012, the corvette "Savvy" was honored with the name of the Guards and the crew was handed a new battle flag of the ship — Guards Navy flag.

"Savvy" — 2nd ship 20380, multi-purpose surface warships 2nd rank near sea zone. In the battle of the corvette is also "Guarding". The following ships of the series will be named "Courageous", "Persistent", "agile".

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