Statements of the victims: more and more similarities and aggression

At the trial in the Leninsky district court of Minsk, where the judge Statkevich, Uss and five members area for one day to listen to all the victims. Or match their readings compared to previous processes?

Already a dinner on May 13 in the court questioned 8 wounded policemen. The remaining nearly 20 either on vacation or on business trips, and the court agreed to simply read their testimony. For the victims, the trial of Nikolai Statkevich, Dmitry mustache and even the five participants in the events on December 19 — the seventh in a row. It was evident from the testimony. According to observers, they became more concise, but also more aggressive.

"At first, just standing. Then the protesters tried to break through our chain: struck his arms and legs. During one attempt to break the chain, I fell unknown tore off my helmet "- is testimony riot policeman Skorokhoda. It is also virtually all of the victims said that the demonstrators were beaten with their "hands and feet" threw "a breakthrough" or "attack", swore and insulted.

More specifically on the process sounded in the Leninsky court and theme items, which protesters allegedly pelted police and then the items were left lying in the square: "Together, they threw the bottle. In the bottle was something "- said the victim Bulavatsky. Most of the victims mentioned that saw demonstrators stick spray, ice ax. Is climbing? On the question of the accused Bulanava Lushchik injured policeman explained that under the ax meant rod with a device for ice pick.

According to the victims, was a high level of organization of the demonstrators. "Act in concert" — said the victim Sakach. But I could not remember those who led the protesters. In general, none of the defendants, except one, the police do not know how in the events of December 19. Injured Igor Zinkevich specifically pointed to Alexander Klaskouski. Recognized him as the man in the jacket, which he called to join the demonstrators and then, when Zinkevich did not react, Klaskouski began to insult him. Prosecutor Chubkavets objected to the investigation Zinkevich gave other indications — rightly said that Klaskouski was in a police jacket, not a jacket. So where is it? The victim remembered, yes, indeed, it is forgotten.

Father accused Klaskouski, journalist Alexander Klaskouski, commented on the statements of the victims and direct testimony policeman Zinkevich:

Feeling that pretend play and everything goes according to planned scenario.

"As for the testimony of the victims commandos, the first catches the eye, which is the standard set which sounded in previous processes and those that are now in parallel. But this implies that the riots were not. All go on about a group of 5-6 strong young men in the enclosures, and is not the same as sitting in a cage. Some unidentified people who allegedly acted orderly. But who they are is not known. It turns out that their actions were hung on those who now sits in a cage. So feeling that pretend play and everything goes according to planned scenario. "

Reporter"Why, in your opinion, the victim, who knew your son changed his testimony compared to what he said at the inquest?"

"The testimony of visible reality, the police support to investigators because of professional solidarity. But today, when I had to give evidence as the saying goes, eye to eye, see something else worked, perhaps — conscience? "


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