Steam coming from the Sun

January 9, 2012 15:57

Steam coming from the SunMiddle view of the sun on the last day of 2011, showing an impressive set of projections with sunspots AR1389 on the eastern segment of the star. Courtesy Efron Morales Rivera, Puerto Rican Observatory Jaicoa.
This breathtaking image of the sun was Efron Morales Rivera of Jaicoa Observatory in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, December 31st, 2011. It shows a lot of bumps in the eastern segment of the sun, producing a sort of steam. Rivera compared them with a group of trees, and said that the sun with his current activity — it is definitely something for what should be observed in future years. Of course, the Solar Dynamics Observatory, closely following our star, which is why the employees managed to capture the strongest eruption in the western segment of the sun, which occurred on 2nd of January 2012, which led to the release of the set structure of the solar particles into space, but it was not in the direction of the Earth .

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