Stella at Tikal

Consider one of the most interesting bas-reliefs of Mesoamerica, monument, in the words of R. Kinzhalova, "still largely mysterious in its content." It depends on how you look at it, or, as Ecclesiastes would say, "having eyes and sees" …

This stela of the ancient Maya city of Tikal (Guatemala modern) by archaeological evidence, founded in 534 AD, although it would appear, the character depicted on it, could be observed much earlier this date. As described by art historian Kinzhalova, on the stele "… shows a ruler (or deity). He keeps on his head bent left arm, like a human, and raised his right hand up the ring, decorated with bird's head, with a ring hanging from a chain that ends with a brush. Hovering over the character for a mythological monster. "

So what can you actually recognize in this "portrait", made 1.5 thousand years ago, when removed from the eye of ritual and mythological points? Among all kinds of intricate tie spirals and squiggles caused by sculptor Maya, you can with some degree of certainty to identify more than two dozen nodes inherent in space suits and equipment of the modern astronaut. Fewer parts on the modern suit due to the fact that it is also included (shown in the figure) outerwear, which is a screen-vacuum thermal insulation, under which many hidden nodes suit.

In the ancient image, we see the top of the suit without a protective shell. The second difference terrestrial and extraterrestrial space suits is that the Earth astronaut space suit designed to stay on the moon, that is, in the space vacuum, and direct exposure to solar radiation. Therefore, this type of suit is equipped with HOAs (autonomous life support system), hosted by the executioner knapsack (oxygen, sinks, water for cooling the suit). Extraterrestrial same astronaut, according to the image of the earth breathing air, previously passed through a filter, and HOAs in this suit is not.

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