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Obour comes out of the grave. Stories about vampires — tale or reality?

"The Polar Truth", 01.11.2002, Murmansk, n163

Many legends tell of fabulous creatures, you can find quite real elements. Many of them are dismissed century, believing that fairy tales are only the fruit of imagination. But when they engaged in serious scientists, it turned out that many of the magical transformation in them are true. For example, the legend of the vampire — dead people eating blood of the living people.
After the release of the XIX century B. Stoker's novel "Dracula" bookstore shelves filled with books with harrowing descriptions of the living dead who come at night to people and sucking their blood. In the twentieth century vampires broke through on the movie screen, and trembling with fear spectators held their breath and watched as their eyes out of his mouth a man grows fangs, his hands turn into claws and brought before them the monster attacks the defenseless girl.
In addition to vampires, leaving behind a mountain of bloody corpses, there are others. They look not so terrible, but maybe these are the ones to be feared. But they are also able to stick to his victims and pulling them out of life.
It is these vampires are found in legends, chronicles and stories of the inhabitants of Bulgaria. They are called here Obour. Almost every family there were cases where the deceased relative was raised from the grave on the ninth day after death. But he got up from the grave not in the flesh, but only as a shadow of the man — his phantom. Phantom arose at night. His appearance from the grave accompanied by flashes of fire and the whole cold shower of sparks. Obour could cause physical harm to the human body. At night, they wandered from village to village, where he once lived. Faced with a passerby, they tried to entice him outside the village, on a vacant lot or in the woods. Here the friendly old man, respectful young man or a young modest girl transformed.
In one ancient Bulgarian legend tells of a meeting of three young hunters with the girls-Obour. All day long the young men were hunting in the mountains. Evening found them far from home, and they decided to spend the night in an abandoned shepherd's hut. Lit a small fire, cooked to him a wounded partridge. And found a large jar with a shrine — Bulgarian vodka. Hunters drank, made merry.
— It would be nice if here in the hut found themselves young girls! — Exclaimed one of them. — They are to us now in very short supply!
Just before he could utter those words as the wind picked up. The door to the cabin opened, and it included three pretty young girls. Hunters were already pretty drunk and therefore did not pay attention to what the body beautiful women sometimes become transparent, and through them the log huts were seen. Then the men thought that began to play sad music. Every girl is gently pressed to one of the hunters, and they spun in a slow, mesmerizing dance. Under the influence of music and strange, as if the void open eyes, boys fell asleep, their movements became slower. Suddenly the music ceased, and at the same time the girl clung to his pale lips necks of men. With every second of life care from the bodies of boys and girls lips, on the contrary, blush, become plump, as if filled with blood.
Then the accident occurred, saved the lives of young men. One of them involuntarily stepped back, tripped and fell on a miserable bed shepherd. She reached for him, but suddenly recoiled in horror. Her lips trembled as if they escaped with an angry scream. Above the bed hung a shepherd several garlands of garlic. It is known, does not tolerate any evil spirits and vampires in particular.
Most often, Obour — phantoms choose their victims dead relatives. At night they are idle around windows, knocking on doors. "Key" that unlocks them from entering the house where they once lived, is grief from the recent loss of a loved one and a desire to believe in the impossible, in fact, that he miraculously survived. In this case, people entered into contact with the phantom, do not die right away. Obour bewitch his victims, who unquestioningly obey them, and for many days slowly pull them out of life. Relatives whose lifeblood they eat from day to day wither. Finally they die, and then also become Obour.
If you are not able to come to life phantoms within 40 days after his death, fueled by the energy of the living, they returned to their graves, and finally died.
Maybe the threat of conversion after death in Obour explained the complex funeral rituals that existed of the Bulgarians, and other Slavic peoples. It should be especially noted the mandatory remembrance of the dead on the 9th and 40th day — the period of the Obour.
Now let's see what they think about the transformation of dead people in the traditional direction phantoms scientists and modern ufologists.
Almost at the same time, ten years ago, the American, British and Russian scientists involved in human physiology, faced with an inexplicable phenomenon. With precision equipment they recorded the change of electric potential in the bodies of the dead. It turned out that on the 9th day, as a rule, there is a "flash" of their values, and on the 40th the physiological processes that occur with the release of the electric fields completely stopped.
The problem of "life" of people after their physical death, and researchers engaged in the unknown — ufologists. Patriarch of the Russian ufology Yuri Fomin said that after the human body dies, it remains a "soul" or whatever it calls the researcher, the information structure of the extracellular field (VIR). It pretty much saved the information held by the person before his death, but as they say, without the "divine spark." Prior to the physical death of a person VIR fed through the physical body. Death of violating the connection between the brain and the VIR, but after her death, she has a small part of human consciousness. For a while, VIR has some reserves of energy and is able to survive. However, the intellectual part of the mind, the acquired person disappears. Remain the most primitive part of it. Therefore, the only purpose of the field werewolf — at any price to maintain its existence. And phantom sucks the life out of the most expensive to the physical death of his people: mothers, wives, and children.

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