Strange disease — men become children

May 7, 2012 10:32

They show each other languages, laugh, run around the room, hide in closets.

Strange disease - men become children

Normal behavior for children, which are gradually becoming ever married two middle-aged men.

In the acclaimed film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" actor Brad Pitt played a remarkable man, who grew up the opposite. He was born on a very old man, and then immediately was placed in a nursing home. But over the years younger, Button, and his life ended in a manger with all the signs of senile marasmus.

Although presented in the film story is absolutely fantastic, a real "Benjamin Button" live in the UK. Their amazing upset blew scientific community. At Albion pulled world-renowned scientists from different countries, to see firsthand the brothers Michael and Matthew Clark.

Older are over 42 years old, and the youngest 39. More recently, they were normal for his age men were in the army, had wives and children, led a full life. But the two brothers diagnosed with a rare genetic disease leukodystrophy, which causes gradual loss of speech and movement.

The case of the brothers Clark is unique in that aging is accompanied by leukodystrophy contrary, that is, both victims of incurable diseases are gradually returning to childhood. Disease Michael and Matthew made their parents again moved out with the kids to watch them around the clock. Although unlike the hero Brad Pitt brothers are younger with age, their psychological age is steadily declining. And with the body disappearing hair.

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