Supernormal Myrina Dazho

June 2, 2012 9:53

Marin Dazho dedicated his life to show people super-powers. He has presented at medical congresses, in the presence of many doctors, doctors and journalists who recorded the testimony of his body. Sharp needles and knives pass through his organs heart, lungs, and spleen, sometimes through several bodies at the same time without blood.

He said that the subjects simply dematerialized within it, so no harm. From time to time the blade fell poison or stabbed deliberately rusted. In a speech in Zurich in order to prove to the public that this is not a hoax, Dazho pierced by three 8mm hollow tubes through which water was supplied.

His assistant pointed telepathic abilities and tselitelkie Dazho, treatment of people occurred in the presence of doctors. At his audience often fainted from what he saw. During one of the performances at the spectators especially impressionable heart attack. May 31, 1947, he demonstrated his talents at the Zurich Cantonal Hospital in the presence of the commission. There also have been made by X-rays showing a sword thrust through the internal organs. After removal of the sword was no blood, and the body were only a speck. Similar studies were also conducted in Basel and Berne.Dlya Myrina Dazho his performances were not to get fame or fortune, he wanted to show the world that there is something greater than the reality, and one can exist outside of the material world. People need to understand that there is a higher power source, God, who gives these abilities as a clear sign that there is something more beyond the materialistic world view. He argued that conveys a message of peace, and the materialistic way of man can lead to poverty and war.

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