SWAT Poland rocked the whole world

SWAT Poland rocked the whole world
Polish special forces always distinguished rigid ways that have experienced for themselves not only the local mafia, and zabugornye offenders. Away from it in fact no one has yet succeeded.

Themselves these special units in Poland have relatively recently. In the 70-80s had a few special units designed to address or purely military tasks (sabotage, disruption of communications, etc.), or to fight terrorism. But after the seizure of the embassy in Bern Poland Polish dissidents in 1982, General Edwin Rozlubirski offered to make a new secret military unit to combat the danger of terrorism and other unconventional threats. But it rejected a proposal to move the army komandovanie.No situation began to deteriorate. Namely, when the end of the 80s there was a mass emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel, horrified Islamic extremists who oppose at least some growth in immigration to Israel, many Western European countries have decided not to help in the transfer of people there. Only Poland has a real power in the organization of the operation, and later received the title of «Operation Bridge.» This caused literally bloody reaction from Arab terrorists. 2-Polish diplomats were shot in Beirut. There for safety moving civilian population and the diplomatic consulates of Poland, was immediately targeted Lt. Col. Slawomir Petelitsky. After his own return to Poland, he presented a plan to create a special unit within the Ministry of Defence, which will protect the Polish people in situations similar to the situation in Lebanon. His ideas were well received, and July 8, 1990 Military Unit newcomer appeared in 2305 under the title number GROM (Thunder). Petelitsky and became its first commander. I must say that the decision to develop a «Thunder» and similar units in law enforcement agencies and contributed another setback. Please 1980s in socialist Poland was formed languid socio-political situation. In some provinces began mass protests of workers against the existing order.

There are nearly 20 hijacking attempts, 8 of which were successful. In those years, Poland was the first in the world in the number of hijackings. The basic precondition for grabs was the desire of many Poles flee to the West and get political asylum there. Naturally, the government had to respond to this situation. Petelitsky gathered around him a group of like-minded professionals and officers. Because of the large risks associated special service, it was decided that all candidates should be prof fighters. All of the first batch of recruits — and they were a little more than 400 people came from different existing special units. The selection was so tough that only a small group of 47 fighters managed to get trained on the basis of experience of English Special Forces SAS and mental tests. Then began a nine-month special training. Was immediately strengthened protection of all state-owned airline flights «LOT»: each flight comped 2-3 armed commandos, the task of which was precisely to prevent hijacking. It lasted until the 90s, when in Poland significantly softened passport and visa regime and seizure of aircraft actually ended.

One medal at all

In the first couple of years, «Thunder» was quite hidden and sheltered from the division of the public. For the first time the press said about him in passing in 1992. The activity began with the soldiers of the detachment of large detention criminal authorities in Poland. Under the first clap of thunder hit criminal authority Vaclav Vronsky and his four armed guards. Recently tried to put up armed resistance and were destroyed. Later suffered and others.

Later fighters «Thunder» ensure the safety of Pope John Paul II during his visit to Poland in 1995.

In 1994, one of the groups of the order be sent to Haiti to help the Yankees in a military operation. 55 «gromovtsev» together with the soldiers of the 3rd Special Operations Group U.S. provided security to Haiti several top officials, including UN Secretary General Batras Batras-Ghali and U.S. Secretary of Defense William Perry. During a military operation, they stormed the building where militants held hostage boy. Toddler released. Middle of the commandos had no losses.

The level of professionalism of the Poles so impressed colleagues from the United States that Washington decided to reward them with the commander of the army medal of honor. It was the first case in American history when so noted the highest merit a foreign operation.

Then there was the trip of 50 fighters, «Thunder» at the end of the 90s in Bosnia. They were used to support the Polish battalion located there and were able to warn the excitement of local nationalists suspected of war sins 1998.

Their own forces on the territory of Slovenia was held military arrest the offender Dokmanović, also known as butcher Vukovar. When arrested, his guards resisted, eventually several bodyguards were killed. Not counting this operation was a few that were held in the area of ​​the former Yugoslavia. In 2000, soldiers carried out several operations groups in Kosovo. The most conspicuous of them is considered the elimination of five Albanian militants in a village within 15 minutes.

In 2001, «gromovtsy» with mountain training, focused in Afghanistan to protect Tipo VIP-persons. In fact, they participated in a large military operations, and namely in the assault on the Taliban strong base of Tora Bora. A first in 2002 — in «Operation Anaconda», which was conducted Americans. Also «Thunder» doing puzzles in the interest of the Polish military contingent on the ground in Afghanistan.
Poles «boomed» in Iraq

In March 2003, the creator of these lines was sent to the Middle East to cover the military operation «Iraqi Freedom.» All journalists — and there were only officially accredited to command U.S. troops more than 2 000 people, based in Kuwait. And at first we knew the war was just involved in hostilities South American and British units. There was another Czech battalion chemical and radiological reconnaissance. Particularly from its commander the first time I heard that, along with the British, near Basra in southern Iraq, near the port of Umm Qasr, are Polish commandos. Warsaw also hid it in every way. I managed, with the help of a friend of a British officer, to get to the Iraqi port. There’s me and showed detachment of Polish camp «Thunder». I have rubbed his hands — found sensation. But I’m ahead of colleagues from the agency «Reuters». As long as I get to Kuwait, they released in the local media photo Polish fighters in Umm Qasr. Polish Defense Minister Jerzy Shmaydzinsky was obliged to declare March 24 that an elite group of special forces «Thunder» took part in military attacks on Umm Qasr in southern Iraq and the Persian Gulf. But he refused to tell the details about a particular role of the Polish special forces in the war against Iraq. Later it became clear that Poland sent to the region 200 troops. 56 commandos from this number helps to clear the port of Umm Qasr and the surrounding oil terminals mine. Basic as their operation — a role in capturing and defending the dam Mukaraut explosion which Iraqis could flood the whole Baghdad.

There is also information that another group «gromovtsev» operated in the suburbs of Baghdad, along with Delta and American English SAS, for a long time until the main forces. But its actions so far. On account of «Thunder» and the operation to liberate Polish engineers in Angola. Unfortunately, the details of her unidentified.

SWAT Poland rocked the whole world

Selection and training course

Candidates in the squad, usually selected from the 1st Regiment of special purpose units or Polish Navy frogmen — GSP. Seldom of airborne troops or police special forces.

Requirements for candidates with sufficient highest. For example, they will certainly have to have a higher education and have at least one foreign language. The training examines another soldier. Candidates before entering the squad pass a series of stringent qualifying mental and physical tests. Past them — and of the total amount of bidders during testing remains less than 15 percent, start training, which lasts almost three years and is one of the longest and most complex in the midst of such special forces — NATO member. Average fighter over 30. There are fighters and over forty. Not many special forces soldiers have such long-lived. But on the level of training and the quality of performance of combat training tasks and age does not affect the commandos.

In preparing the master mountain fighters trained and trained to go down under the water with breathing apparatus. In the training program from a special squad comes and Airborne training, research mine in explosives. They are taught to conduct special reconnaissance and conduct raids on fortified facilities and headquarters of the enemy. They work out the puzzles to free the hostages and trained to fight the guerrillas and insurgents.

Apart from this they are taught to organize and provide special protection and defense of fundamental strategic objects. In the example program includes training and objectives for the protection of personal dignitaries. All training is conducted under the fire fighting to develop mental strength from fighter.

The total number of unit is about 250-300 people, including women. A squad consists of four groups, each of which has its distinct specialization. So, for example, one of the groups created to fight terrorism. Other — trained to operate in the mountains and inaccessible terrain. 3rd group — frogmen and fourth practiced on desantirovanii as a huge and with ultra-low altitudes.

Particular note must be a group of frogmen, which is called the Special Division boats. This is due to the fact that the frogmen have always been in the special forces on a special position, taking into account their universality. Detachment «Thunder» they do special tasks:
— incarnation of counter-terrorism operations, including hostage rescue operation on different ships and oil platforms floating facilities;
— protection of oil platforms from terrorist attacks;
— assistance and support to other military and law enforcement units in the conduct of operations against organized crime structures in the Baltic Sea;

— conducting critical rescue operations at sea;
— exploration coast with the introduction of high-speed boats.

Frogmen can seize vessels, as with the introduction of high-speed boats and diving equipment, and with the introduction of parachutes and equipment for descent from a helicopter. All groups have combat experience. So, for example, spices parachute dropping acted in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, for disk imaging, acquired from informal sources, they are also involved in the preparation of the Kurds before the last invasion of the Yankees and the British in Iraq.

Same frogmen and has composed the Polish Navy. They operate in the unit under the title «Formosa». Detachment is very secretive. Clearly he had just participated in operations in the Persian Gulf.

I must say that in the history of the Polish Special Forces and have dark pages. For example, as a result of bad and non-professional training during the counterterrorist operation March 6, 2003, two commandos were killed and 17 injured.
Equipment and weapons

In recent years, brain programm equipment counterterrorism division of Poland received considerable financial support. Now it is the most modern standards of equipment and weapons that anything is not inferior to the best foreign special forces.

Standard short-barrel weapon in the group are 9mm pistols Glock 17 and Walther P-99. There are other types of pistols and revolvers.

For operations that are conducted in small groups or divisions on rather short distance, almost on the verge of unarmed combat, often in a confined area, the fighters use German submachine gun Heckler & Koch MP-5 or analog thereof Turkish production MKEK. Also, special forces often use the same variation Heckler & Koch MP-5 A3 and A5, with a folding stock, and MP-5 SD6 with integrated silencer. In service units, in addition, there are Russian-made automatic weapon Glauberyt PM-84 P/98.

Speaking of more massive weapons, we should mention an assault rifle G-36, and its shortened version — G-36 rifle with a telescopic sight KA1 and shop with 100 rounds of 5.56mm.

Great attention is paid to equipping in subdivision sniper team. It must be emphasized Finnish sniper rifles Sako TRG-21 and TRG-22 7.62 x51 mm NATO (.308 Winchester) and TRG-42 (338 Lapua Magnum). Coupled with the fact remains in the arsenal of the group and a real veteran — 7, 62-mm SVD more Russian production.

Polish armed with riot police is a powerful and once tested in practice 7.62-mm machine gun Kalashnikov PKM, and 40-mm grenade launcher HK69 A1 German production with a telescopic retractable butt.

For efficient transfer of militant groups across vast distances or to penetrate the building with air in order commandos arrive Mi-8 helicopters, Pzl Kania and Pzl W-3 Sokol of police squadron.

Upon receipt of an alarm the whole team must be ready to act in one hour. House unit should leave the base, which is located in a suburb of Warsaw Shcheslivitse for 10-15 minutes after the signal excitement, whether it is day or night.
International team

Without a doubt «Thunder» in its short history has made great progress, and stood in a row with his comrades from various countries of the world. A former commander of the detachment, Marian Savinskiy once said: «My guys showed his best side in the complex criteria. I am rightly proud of them. For more than ten years’ history of «Thunder» became severe force to be reckoned with even what the enemy. «

It is logical that in January 2009, the leaders of Poland, France and Germany have decided to do for four years total riot in an amount up to 2-thousand soldiers under the title «Weimar-EU». Primary role will be given to Poland. Germany and France will only support evrospetsnaz.

Apart from that Poland is already involved in another operative connection, which includes Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Germany.
Created by Vladimir Bogdanov

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