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The network has reported that on Mount Athos (Greece) miraculously rocked one of the lamps in the monastery.

The Orthodox world is following with interest the unusual phenomenon in the monastery of St. Anne on Mount Athos, where at 9 am on April 12 began to behave unusually lamp in front of the Royal Doors.

According to eyewitnesses, a cross swinging lamp continuously for a long time, which leads visitors to the confusion. Even one of the monks said that the phenomenon of his shocking.

The day after the start swinging lamps press began to spread the legend, according to which we should expect bad events on that supposedly shows the strange behavior of the lamps. Cited the details: If a lamp swinging in the holidays — it's a joy, and if in everyday life — then to trouble.

This message is denied by the site Agionoros.ru. Athos monks, which were contacted, such legends are not known and are advised not to invent fables, and it is better to pray.

What it is: another advertising or man-made miracle really — a sign of God and the contact with the Beyond the world? And anyway, who needs all this? They say that Athos monks themselves do not confirm this miracle? With these questions, we turned to the leading author of "Oracle" Lydia Evgen'evna Nevedomskaya.

— You can clearly that it — not advertising and public relations campaign. Athos monks not only do not need advertising, but also suffer from increased attention to one's life "strangers." Therefore suppress idle curiosity. By the way, how people are more understandable for us professions — say, the pilots or the skaters — sign autographs and interviews during the execution of the most difficult pirouettes? And after all these monks entire life — a continuous cascade of spiritual "aerobatics" …

As for the lamps, she really rocked by itself, it was stopped, and after a few minutes she began to swing again, although the adjacent lamps at the same time did not even budge. But the "feature" is not the — spontaneous swinging lamps, as well as mirotochenie icons and other wonders of the Church's life — a phenomenon quite well known. The peculiarity of this miracle is that the lamp is not swayed from side to side, not on an ellipse and not a circle and a cross, which is contrary to all the laws of physics.

— Do you think that it was a sign of heaven?

— Yes, first of all, because the movement of the lamps are drawn in the air cross — this is a message to the web portal of Mount Athos. And it happened on the Cross Lent (remember that the Orthodox so called 4th week of Lent), on Friday the 12th of April. As you know, Jesus was crucified on a Friday is. And the lamp swung three days, as if recalling that Christ rose "on the third day according to the Scriptures" (to quote from the "Symbol of Faith"). I will say more. As far as I know, the lamps began a three-day swing in the 241-day (similar to 241-th degree in the zodiac, which marks the beginning of the clarified Way Ophiuchus) to the point where in Optina (Russia, Kaluga region), one of the theologians was suggested that Jesus was with His finger wrote on the ground are not the names of the Pharisees and the list of their sins (as stated in the centuries old tradition of interpretation of the Gospel text), and the unpronounceable name of his heavenly Father, and He did this in response to the prophecies of the Old Testament in order to able to perform the words of the prayer: "… Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth." Astrological calculations quite convincingly show that the cross-shaped movement Athos lamps are associated with what happened in the Optina, and Athos are a response to the Russian prayer. And if you remember that it was in Optina in 1993 at Easter ritual knife engraved with "666" three monks were killed, and since then there like at Calvary are three crosses, associations become even more impressive. But let's not rush to judgment and the wrath of the Lord reckless interpretations of His signs. It's — it monks. So far, the elders of the monastery on Mount Athos, no assumptions about the cause of what is happening is not expressed.

— And is there any information to rock the lamp people far from Orthodoxy?

— I think so. After all, the cross is known as "the sign of signs." Cross-motion lamps draws our attention to the fundamental values of life. How do you understand them — depends on you. But love is always love, and anger — it is always anger. The cross reminds that, even though they meet, overlap, but can never go hand in hand. And each of us has to make a choice.

— Rock the lamp is in the monastery of St. Anne. What is known about this saint?

— This is the mother of the Blessed Virgin, that is to say, the grandmother of Jesus through the maternal line.

Photos are taken from the publication of Gregory Telnova

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