Syria received RCC «Yakhont»

Syria received RCC
Moscow sent Damascus party anti-ship missiles «Yakhont», the newspaper «New York Times»
«According to officials from the U.S., Our homeland has sent anti-ship missiles to Syria. This decision clearly indicates how intensively Moscow supports the regime led by Bashar al-Assad «- the article says.

According to the newspaper, were expelled to Syria with advanced missile guidance system. They are, in the views of American professionals will allow Damascus effectively resist Western States Navy in the case if, for example, they try to establish a maritime embargo.

Help «VBC»

RF Government Resolution dated 23.09.2002 RCC 3M55 «Onyx» was adopted by the Navy. Create missiles carried on software «Strela» (Orenburg). Differs from other developments OKB-52 implementation of the principle of «fire and forget» (lo-hi-lo) flight profile and versatility with the introduction of the starting platforms (air, water, earth).

And missile complex «Onyx» created to be placed on surface (export version «Yakhont») and submarine (export version of «Jasper») media (in the original — the courts. — Note. «MIC»). Met the same name the P-800 and P-100.

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