Take care of the aura of his youth

July 28, 2012 20:35

Each of us has a passport, which can not be faked: the aura of the man-the very same energy shell, which we all obladaem.Aura has a width, configuration, and okrasku.I that, and another, and another may vary depending on the person's health status as well as their thoughts and generated chuvstv.Tysyachi people have the gift of a highly sensitive and able to see auras.

The energy body has seven shells.  As matryoshka.  webgolos.com

The energy body has seven shells. As matryoshka.

A healthy person has a great aura, egg-shaped and purple fringed protective setkoy.Razumeetsya, energy: the oval aura flickers a lot of bright purple ogonkov.Skvoz this barrage network, unless of course it is not damaged, will be able to leak out any dark stranger.

If mankind differed only spiritual purity and sublimity of thought, the top of our auras would represent paradise flower bed of golden, purple, lush green, pink, iridescent aur.No, alas, often colored auras dirty red (like stale meat) color . or repulsive korichnevym.Ili full of anger and orange coloring vspyshkami.Podobnuyu generate thought.

A healthy person has a wide and proper auroy.Suzhenie aura speaks of human fatigue, change in shape indicates a catastrophic bolezn.Samoe is what is now full of holey aur.Kogda same and how they are managed as "wear out"?

The main enemy of the aura-razdrazhenie.Eto phenomenon itself otvratitelno.Ono produces poison Empire, which exists in two states, crystalline and gazoobraznom.V the form of tiny crystals imperil deposited on the walls of blood vessels of the human body and destroys the person from the inside, as the cause of all diseases, including to imperil raka.V gaseous poisons around, getting in through the pores tela.Kazhdy experienced how hard to be in a room with an angry chelovekom.Luchshe leave the room, if that is impossible, at least open the window, a portion of the poison came out . scariest of irritability in children's teachers and caregivers sadov.Ispuskaemy their empire can cause massive childhood diseases, as children are still very slaba.Yad aura of anger and irritation are also deposited on the things on the walls pomescheniy.Tolko imagine that things at home are poisonous!

Manufacturer imperil harms not only to others, not only the physical body, but his body too thin telu.Tonkoe imperil saturate and the transition to the fourth dimension (after the so-called death) is subjected to a painful pull of Spatial Fire, which is designed to burn the emperor is the cosmic zakon.Oschuschenie, to put it mildly, not from priyatnyh.Otsyuda, it seems, has gone the expression "burn in hell."

Another terrible harm himself brings amateur pozlobstvovat porazdrazhatsya.Silnoe irritation and can penetrate inside the aura, and the hole is always ready to dive into any hideous creature from the lower strata astrala.Eti entities that are incredibly attached to earthly emanations, essentially not izzhivshie their base passions and vozhdeleniy.Oni not going to rise to the light to incarnate then through the fiery inspiration and essence ochischenie.Eti riders prefer to be on someone else's body, in a foreign dependents Dushe.Oni called oderzhatelyami, the phenomenon of possession, and who allowed oderzhatelya-oderzhimym.Ranshe existed expression : "The demon possessed." It refers specifically to oderzhaniyu.Seychas epidemii.My phenomenon took on the character and then faced with two carriers, "I", two thin bodies.

so important heinous action itself as a reaction to it from another okruzhayuschih.On rejoices boli.On powered alien emanations of anger and stradaniya.Vsyakoe expansion delivers oderzhatelyu radost.Pary alcohol stench of tobacco, food smells blood, the mere sight of blood is all feast "dark", which include and oderzhatel.
Characters oderzhateley and their degree of aggressiveness may be different, but the damage to be admitted themselves they always bring: one physical shell can not get along two psychic energy-they are mutually weaken each other.

The simplest prevention of such a disaster clean-mysli.A more reliable means of a thread of the heart due to the Hierarchy Sveta.Net such a calamity, which would not have looked away from the man hierarchy Sveta.Esli same dark entity yet penetrated into the damaged aura, it can only drive strongest with powerful psychic energy vrach.Dlya expulsion requires sharp, decisive and unexpected order.
However, it is easier to drive out of the man oderzhatelya than to protect the patient from re-invasion of the aura of dark suschnostey.Proboy the aura heals medlenno.Vyzdoravlivayuschy very long time to live without irritation, to again draw a dark zhiltsa.Zhit best in the green, in a pure rural mestnosti.Goroda same (especially large ones) are energy gnoyniki.Lyudi should be evenly spread over the surface of the planet.
By the way, if you examine the mental hospitals and prisons, then they will be about ninety percent oderzhimyh.Bolshinstvo of those who are in prison, needs immediate treatment of severe, having a large mental energy doctors.

Cleansing the earth from the evil-consuming affair, but neizbezhnoe.Chto defines man: character, intelligence, education, social and material human consciousness is entirely transferred to the area where there is no fear and depression, the person neuyazvim.Kto something can make "a la carte" good, useful to others to do things, and yet his aura is strikingly different from the human aura, which emits a constant warmth, fire power and upward-striving to Tvortsu.Podobnoe radiation-cure for all diseases, and the personal guarantee of the evolutionary ascent and purification of Space.

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