Talk with an alien from the planet Bellerophon

Talk with an alien from the planet Bellerophon

Vasily Nicherovenko from the Kiev region claims that it has come on a friendly visit … aliens from a distant planet Bellerophon.

The interesting thing is that he does not abuse alcohol Basil, drink in moderation (on holidays) in the family, and gives the impression of an adequate, well-balanced person.

At Basil's marital status is good, has a wife and two boys, that is, he is mentally healthy person. Below is a discussion of Basil (in his words) with an alien, which took place in January 2012, during a night of contact with a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization.

So, here's the conversation itself.

In (Basil): You are here, let me know.

And (alien): Yes.

Q: You are the one with whom I spoke last time?

I: Yes.

Q: Can I start asking questions?

I: Yes.

Q: It is said that in 2012 the world will end, is that correct?

P: No, you end the world in 2012 will not be.

Q: In general, it will be when?

And: End of the world for you is not relevant before the Earth dies, humanity will take its existence on other planets.

Q: On what, on what planet we leave?

And: On Mars, Europe (Jupiter's moon), and then to some of the planet outside the solar system.

Q: Is it possible to speed up the path of humanity to the stars?

And: You can, but you brake the development.

Q: What is it?

Q: You finance the war, but did not and astronautics. You froze a lot of its good space program, thus taking a step back.

Q: Can you fix this situation?

And: No, we can not afford to make such a gift to you.

Q: Why?

Q: You did not vote on the merits.

At this contact with a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization (from the planet Bellerophon) ended.

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