Technology of the ancient Maya

Mexican researcher J. Levet wrote that he had personally seen an Indian medicine man in the village, lost in the jungle, successfully treated epilepsy in the child by introducing him to the left ear plugs of beeswax mixed with some herbs, while tying the patient's right eye red cloth. The healer said Levet, he enjoys the old procedure, the essence of which is passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth from the medicine man to his pupil. The procedure in most cases leads to successful treatment.

The fact that the Indian medicine man used a method of treatment known for his distant ancestors, confirm the codes of the Maya. This ancient book written by the ancient Maya hieroglyphic writing and contain numerous illustrations. Most of these ancient texts were destroyed by the conquistadors in the time of the conquest of Mexico. Particularly assiduous in this shameful fact Catholic Bishop Diego de Landa, Spotted Having burnt and hundreds of codes, which, in his opinion, there was nothing, "besides the superstitions and the wiles of the devil." To have survived only a few of these manuscripts, now called by the name of their owner or places where they are held: Code of Madrid, Dresden, Codex Borgia, Nuttalsky and others.

These codes are a kind of encyclopedia of the ancient Maya, which set out their beliefs, rituals and ceremonies, the calendar system, the genealogy of the rulers, information on the history, mathematics, astronomy, geography, and other subjects, including those in medicine. Hieroglyphic texts deciphered the codes are not completely, there are various options for reading and interpretation. According to J. Levet, some figures in the codes can be interpreted not as sophisticated images of torture (both considered modern decipherers), but as a sort of manual on procedures designed to influence human behavior.

In particular, one of the drawings from the Codex Borgia, according Levet, not shown gouging eyes captive priest, and shows the lock of the eyes by injecting some medicine dropper. Such a procedure could be carried out with the aim of educating the person the qualities of a warrior (increased aggressive behavior). On another illustration of Nuttalskogo code shown acupuncture, which the priest carries on his own ear. Piercing of the left ear was to strengthen the intellectual abilities of the priest. Drawing from the Codex Borgia is a blockage of the left eye and the ear of the same is likely to end.

Thus, thousands of years ago the priests of the ancient Maya were aware of such details of the structure and functioning of the human brain that our science became known only recently. The obvious question is how do they know it was? Themselves before they hit upon the idea (how?) Or learned from this "sky gods"? And that the "gods" such technology influence on the nature of mental activity was known, according to representatives of the helmets on their heads, their lower caste — "angels." Long headphones these helmets, tight to the heads of the Sons of Heaven, have parts, piercing earlobes. Were not these helmets tool allows you to change the psyche of "angels" in the right direction for the "gods" (upper-caste) direction? In other words, if there were "angels" zombie creatures? By the way, if you need Ava cool, then you can download it online

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