Telepathy: scientists have learned to read minds

February 1, 2012 15:17

Neuroscientists from the U.S. say that the first time they have achieved tangible progress in reading human thoughts and transferring them from a distance. Scientists have learned to decode brain waves into text. Thus, the words that people pronounce himself, it was possible to see on the computer screen, British broadcaster BBC.

Researchers from the University of California, learned to "listen" inner monologue man, created a special device that converts brain waves into text and sound. They hooked up a plurality of electrodes to the brain centers responsible person for hearing, and then through a complex electronic processing were able to hear the words that are pronounced the man himself.
It has long been known that professional musicians, watching the video game pianist muted, still "hear" the melody. This fact has prompted researchers to suggest that you can try to implement and reverse.
Installation built a team of scientists led by Robert Knight, analyzes the brain waves of a person and then using a special electronic dictionary "translates" them into sounds. Thus, the device recognizes the University of California sounds of their mental realization. Neuroscientists have conducted an experiment, which involved 15 people. Implanted in the brain of each test set of electrodes, they gave people listen to dialogue or monologue lasting for five minutes. At this time, the researchers scanned the brain regions respond to sound.
At the final stage of the experiment, scientists gave people listen to one word, afterwards instantly translated to text and sound, based on the performance of nerve impulses. Despite the fact that the quality of the "digested" the sound is not ideal, the researchers are celebrating a victory: they proved that mind-reading is quite real. Neuroscientists believe that their discovery will allow patients who fell into a coma, or have lost the power of speech after a stroke, to communicate with their loved ones. And with the development of technology can transmit thoughts at a distance using special portable devices.

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