Territory delusions (aired on 12/18/2012)

December 18, 2012 22:25

On the eve of December 21, 2012 the cold of the coming apocalypse suddenly paralyzed soul inhabitants of planet Earth. Even a shadow of concern on the faces of sane citizens …

As you know, it all started with the Mayan calendar. This unusual obelisk is 10 meters high in Guatemala, in a town in the Mayan — Quirigua. She is almost one and a half thousand years. Mayan calendar — is fanciful images and pictures, each of which corresponds to some day. The Indians believed that the days of the month and eighteen, however, names for them for some reason they came up with two more — 20, as if in reserve.

Despite the seeming absurdity of many to ask, "Will the end of the world or not, and what the Apocalypse — a scientific hypothesis or unscientific fallacy? '. Igor Prokopenko December 18 devoted to this his new program "Territory errors" on REN TV.

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