That is why we need to sleep with soft toys!

October 23, 2012 14:19

That is why we need to sleep with soft toysWrites blogger sescheta: I saw my friends in contact is an interesting picture with the title "This is why we need to sleep with stuffed animals!". But would probably surprise the one who first created to know how close he was to the truth.

In Daniel Andreev, the great mystic of the 20th century, in his "Rose of the world," we read that if a child is very much loves his toy, he unwittingly gives her soul. But Cosmos also reacts to it on your own. He gives the toy a monad, the human spirit, which God gives people a moment of creation. Monad is eternal and ever reincarnated. So with baby toy subsequently embodied independent person. Not an animal, namely, man, because it likes people. All this shows how amazing the way the world around us. And how much there is to know about him. And we, step by step to understanding prikosaemsya. And to understand quite unexpected for our current thinking. Even the act of creation is "creative", "creative", ie which finds new ways. And the man plays a key role.

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