The aliens and their hybrids waiting for x hours

January 21, 2013 20:27

There is a theory that aliens are going to populate the earth with their hybrids and mutants and humans to destroy or put in reserve. Apparently, the "X hour" is not far off. Teams hybrids, outwardly indistinguishable from humans and have psychic powers, already trained in remote corners of the planet …

The Lost Expedition

In June of this year there were details about the circumstances of the death of Brazilian ethnographic expedition, who in 2007 studied the life of Indian tribes in the remote region of the Amazon, the rivers and Zhurueny Arinusa, State of Mato Grosso.

When radio contact was lost with the expedition in the jungle were sent search parties. In living only found Jose Ribeiro, a member of the Brazilian Institute of History and Ethnography, a branch in Sao Paulo. Also found the corpse of an Indian guide who accompanied the expedition. The rest of the members disappeared.

Ribeiro was in a state of severe shock. On his right hand were missing four fingers. Many more were maimed Indian: he had no arms and left leg.

The circumstances that led an expedition to such a sad finale, a few years hiding from the public. Dr. Ribeiro is only now, in his interview with a Brazilian online media reported some details.

During the passage through the jungle, about three o'clock in the afternoon, the expedition came across a group of white-skinned people like Europeans. Local languages they did not know, but properly speaking in Portuguese and English. They were dressed in tracksuits known firms. Strangers have led the expedition to the camp, located deep in the jungle.

All in the camp were about 150-200 people, mostly men. They lived in two long low buildings, clearly teams, made of material such as plastic. The surprising thing is that they all looked quite young, were the same height, and among them were many superficially similar to each other. Between themselves, they did not talk much. In Ribeiro and his companions had the impression that strangers understand each other without words. Later came a hunch that they could communicate telepathically …

White savages with psychic powers

The "scouts" (as they dubbed himself the expedition) were commanders — undersized men dressed in tight-fitting coveralls with a hood. Hood has always been thrust over his head, leaving open only part of the face. These generally silent. They lived not in the camp, where — never found out. "Scouts" in their presence is quiet and humble.

"Ribery and his companions were free to move about the camp and go into the building. In one of them showed films on the big screen — the rebels and melodramatic serials. Sitting in front of a man 20-30. Spectators were constantly changing

"In the other building," scouts "have been studying some chips

Relation to them "scouts" was not exactly friendly. Initially, it was wary-learners. People were asked about their work, family relationships, life in the city. By evening, the ratio was openly dismissive.

Habits "scouts", despite their knowledge of languages and computer skills were wildly. During the call, they can jump high and hang on a tree. In the presence of people they catch beetles and other insects, and then sent them into his mouth. In general, one would have thought that the production of food was their main concern, and they were willing to eat anything.

Most of the "scouts" wandered through the surrounding jungle, working primarily hunting. Weapons they had, so the hunt "bare hands." Somehow they knew in advance where their production can be expected, and immediately go there. In the eyes of Ribero they pulled out of the undergrowth fairly hefty snake and immediately began to eat it with the skin. The same way they dealt with the trapped rodents.

At dusk the behavior of the "scouts" has become even more dangerous. Several "scouts" — men with the evident intention was dragged into the house of two women — participants of the expedition. Ribeiro and his friends tried to discourage them, but were stopped by some apparently psychic powers: they have a strong desire to move away from the building.

Ribeiro is confident that "scouts" are familiar with the methods of directed hypnosis. People in their presence felt inside stiffness and anxiety. Perhaps because of this escape attempt did not work, although the fence around the camp was not. Something that was stronger than their will, kept them here.

The worst thing started when it got dark. Propriety, which initially followed "scouts", finally they left. First they unceremoniously groped people then began to bite, chew and then for real. They were tearing human flesh like animals, tearing it from each other, and a pack of blood-munching. Devoured not only meat and tendons, and bones. We started with the fingers and toes, then gradually stole up to the body. In this case, the people they tormented, smiling blissfully, and some even cried with pleasure. The smile never left their faces to the death.

Ribeiro was surrounded several females who have sex with him. Fortunately for him, it took time and allowed him to wait for the arrival of the commanders, who immediately stopped the cannibal feast. But before that ladies still managed to chew off his four fingers on the hand.

Strange to say, he did not feel any pain, but, on the contrary, felt a strong pleasure, such as acute as sex. Having lost one finger, he reached the second — only to prolong the pleasure.

When were the commanders were still alive, apparently, only Ribero and one of the Indians-conductors, which was pretty much mutilated. They moved into the building. What happened next — Ribero remembers. He lost consciousness and woke up in the jungle far from the place where he met with a "scout". Here it is extremely emaciated state search team found.

In sinister camp, he spent only a few hours, but between his stay there and it was the discovery of a few days. Where he was at the time — I could not find even a regressive hypnosis. This period of his life has been completely erased from his memory.

Humanity is on its last legs years?

Except Ribero like "scouts" have seen people, kidnapped by aliens. Probably "scouts" — a hybrid, creatures who were born as a result of experiments with alien genetic material earthlings.

The fact that our space 'guests' use humans for breeding hybrids, ufologists say and write for a long time. American researcher David Jacobs in his book "The Secret Life" argues that the creation of hybrids is the central point for the aliens plan to take over Earth. In his view, the aliens brought several generations of hybrids. After in vitro fertilization earthly women alien genetic material first obtained mutants — polurazumnye, and perhaps intelligent creatures, very distantly related to humans. Then, the genetic material is mixed with human mutants and hybrids appear. Each of their next generation becomes more and more like people.

The reports of eyewitnesses who were abducted by aliens and then returned, we often hear about the so-called Scandinavia and soldiers — white-skinned blonde, European-looking hybrids that cooperate with strangers and sometimes under their supervision or independently carry out the kidnapping. Jacobs believes that when hybrids achieve the desired resemblance to the people they will replace all of humanity.

Apparently, the problem of external similarity is largely complete. This is evidenced by the case of Ribeiro, who are in training camp hybrids "Nordic" type. According to Jacobs, replacement should begin very soon, probably within the next two to three decades.

Judging by the stories of people who visited the bases and in the laboratories of the newcomers (such people can be attributed Ribero), hybrids are humanoids with paranormal abilities. They have human emotions and experience sexual attraction, including the earthly women. Earth can eat food. Apparently, they are omnivores, but prefer meat. Moral standards of many of them are at very low level. Jacobs in his book gives reports of abuses of male hybrids of stolen earth women.

Jacobs is confident that hybrids walk among us, but always among us has not lived. Despite their appearance is quite human, people are easy to "calculate". Therefore, at present the party hybrids adapted to terrestrial life in the camps, hidden in remote and inaccessible areas of the planet. In one of them, apparently by accident, participants were Brazilian expedition. Here, under the supervision of the alien hybrids were mastered with terrestrial conditions and worked out a human skills (Ribeiro pointed out that, in addition to watching movies and studying computer, some of them were smoking and had a cell phone).

Commanders mentioned by Ribero, it is probably, "gray" aliens. In the future, the earth community they take the highest place.

Directly behind them in the hierarchy will be hybrids. Even lower — mutants (at least — the most intelligent of them). Then come to abduct people, in which implanted implants. These people are under the constant supervision of newcomers and will truly serve them, both as a link between the aliens and human "remains", which will be located at the bottom of the caste ladder. "Remains" (in number, perhaps one to two million people) will remain as the genetic material, and will contain a special reserve — in case the experiment for the removal of the new race will take unwanted turnover.

After his interview with Dr. Jose Ribeiro disappeared from journalists. The authorities were quick to declare him a liar and mentally ill. But people who knew Ribeiro did not doubt his integrity, and the fact of him regressive hypnosis sessions confirmed the doctor from a clinic in Sao Paulo. So the question remains …

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