The aliens in the universe using wormholes as portals to visit Earth

April 26, 2012 20:48



It is believed that it was the aliens responsible for the formation of human civilization? Archaeologists have discovered the ancient ruins and the image of aliens as gods. Photos of the plates and the stars were found on the walls of caves in different parts of the world. Many supporters of alien theories associated evidence, such as pictures on the stones, sculptures, religious texts and the most famous pyramid as proof that ancient aliens really existed and exist today.

 Mythical flying machines described in Sanskrit epics, which were written over two thousand years ago in India. In the Peruvian desert, there are lines caused by high plateaus that are a mystery to archaeologists for decades. Fine craftsmanship drawing lines, almost impossible to copy, even with a high-tech tools available today.
There are already thousands showed photos of UFOs and aliens. There is even a video of them, which prove that they do exist and have visited Earth.
Assume that aliens visited Earth as they travel great distances?
There is such a thing as a wormhole in physics. The most popular theory about traveling aliens — a passage through the wormhole. It is believed that the newcomers quickly get to the Earth through portals. In theory, wormholes can be compared to a tunnel with two ends at separate points in space-time. Also, compared with the two black holes, which are joined together to overcome the distance between the two universes. There is an assumption that the aliens can travel on special corridors faster than light. Some researchers of the phenomenon of extraterrestrial civilizations indicate that there are 12 portals throughout the world, among which the most famous is the Bermuda Triangle. Portals combined lines across the planet, and with the two main — North and South Poles. These wormholes or portals, is believed to serve to combine the universes, galaxies, solar systems and planets.

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