The Belarusian village Chupacabra brutal way to kill all the rabbits

October 21, 2012 1:42

While forums fun of Chupacabra, at the courtyard of the village Zenaida Sedcha (PUKHOVICHY district) unknown beast recently held a "massacre of St. Bartholomew."

In one night, the animal "brutal way" to destroy all the rabbits (12 pieces), where a woman with love and care was grown for six months.

— From one rabbit were only foot-and-guts, the second gutted belly. The rest are simply thrown out of the cell, as if someone had some fun, — she said. — And how much force is necessary to have in order to break even thin, but the metal mesh?

Frightened neighbors insisted Zinaida brought police to the scene, which from what he saw, "too, was in shock."

Zinaida recognized that the first thought that her visit when she was at the murder scene of rabbits, "that there is a living do not have."

— You know, the circumstances were such that it was some otherworldly force arranged …

Arriving at the place, the police made a picture, a report and left, according to Zenaida, adding that it is "not their job", they say, judging by the fact no robbery committed by man.

— I think we need to put people on notice that people are vigilant and careful — said Zinaida. — Moreover, it is not known what kind of beast. The administration should investigate the matter and to raise hunters. And the jokes are out of place — people grief.

Shortly before the accident, according to the source, one of the neighbors 'someone' killed a sheep. Now the village soars anxious mood: each independently take steps for the preservation industry.

— I had a neighbor Vietnamese pig, so he drove them to the barn. Who dogs descend on the night of the yard, — she says.

At the police station Svisloch Pukhovichi TUT.BY police department reported that the material involved in the district. Presumably, the murder "made a dog." Details are set. Similar incidents in the area, police were unable to recall.

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