The Black Sea Fleet did not pass the test of the Ministry of Defence

The Black Sea Fleet did not pass the test of the Ministry of Defence

As reported by the Central Navy Portal. A team of officers of the Military inspectorate Defense Ministry, headed by the Chief of the Military Inspectorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation — the main military Inspector Lieutenant General Gennady Borisov on September 28 in accordance with the plan began work on the Black Sea Fleet. Check inspection of the Ministry of Defence The Black Sea Fleet failed — he delivered a score of 2 points. This is the Central Navy Portal was clear from sources in the Defense Ministry.

The main objective of the planned inspection was to determine the actual level of operational status and battle training, maintenance of weapons, battle and special equipment, to law and order and military discipline, the properties of the material-technical and medical support personnel, and compliance with fire safety rules in the formations and units of the fleet.

The work began with the inspection test of the military management of Black Sea Fleet on various fronts of Staff. Usually, the chief of inspection officers and inspectors conducted a review of combat troops of all categories of staff of the Navy and its divisions and interviewed soldiers on the knowledge of their own multi liabilities military regulations, took tests on the operational art and special training. Later accomplished check level of fitness. Planned check organizing properties of planning vocational job training of staff officers and fleet management.

Inspections were not only the OMC, and the connection and the ships of the fleet. Specifically, the officers inspection team painstakingly checked Novorossiysk naval base. Took the craft base in the sea were made artillery, missile and torpedo firing, controlled exercise against the mine threat. Despite the positive results shown in combat exercises in the sea, the whole of the 3 compounds tested in NNB received two unsatisfactory ratings.

The military inspection of Defense have worked at the joints, and parts of the Black Sea Fleet ships to the end of October. As a result of inspection test exhibited overall failing grade — level battle readiness of naval forces declared missing. In February 2012, on fleet re-audit team will arrive in Moscow to check the address identified remarks. Will there be taken to strengthen the staff of the commander of the fleet, units and ships, as long as no data. The authorities, namely the press service of the Black Sea Fleet, declined to comment.

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