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The bridge: the technology of construction of the bridge (video)

Description of the object:

Model of the bridge:

The bridge in the highway-wide importance.

Located in the central part of the city of Vladivostok streets between Gogol and Nekrasovskaya (from the northern areas of the city) and Kalinin Street, Fastovskii and Nadibaidze (from the southern areas).

The parameters of the bridge:

  • The scheme of the cable-stayed bridge 42 +90 +2 +2 +737 x100 x100 +90 +50
  • The width of the bridge between the railing — 29.4 m
  • Overpass area — 43030 m2
  • The bridge — 1388.09 m
  • The length of the bridge on the main alignment of — 2.1km
  • The scheme of the bridge, 49.98 +2 X90 +100 +737 +100 +2 X90 41.94 m dvuhpilonnogo as a cable-stayed span. Dvuhpilonny bridge with two guys planes in cross section. Guys are located under the scheme fan.
  • The number of lanes — 4
  • Clearance carriageway 9.5 1 9.5 2 x 4, 25
  • Vertical clearance height — 64.25m
  • The main span of 737 m
  • The height of the pylons on the level of raft foundations — 226.25m
  • Dimensions concrete slab under the pylon 36h64h12m

The pavement and landscaping

Area roadway-76300m2;
Area sidewalks and walkways 65759 m2, including:
with a coating of artificial stone-11000m2
with asphalt concrete pavement — 14 878m2
The total area of improvement — 188 800 m2
The timing and cost of works

Policymakers turnaround time — 3.5 years.
Putting into regular operation — in December 2011.
The declared cost of construction — 17 906 695.348 thousand. at current prices in 2011.

General Contractor — Pacific Bridge-Building Company
General designer — Institute Giprostroymost — St. Petersburg

The functions of the designer:

General design
Defining the concept of a bridge
The development of architectural solutions
Structural design of cable-stayed bridge of approach ramps, transport tunnel
Designing technology facilities, SVSiU, the development of PIC
Design of the monitoring system
Conducting static, dynamic, aerodynamic calculations and aerodynamic testing model riverbed part of the bridge.

Customer: Department of Roads of the Primorsky Territory Administration

Terms of construction and design:

Stage "project documentation" — 2006 — 2008 GG
Stage "Working documentation" — 2008 — 2010 GG
Construction period — 2008 — 2011 GG

All project documentation is already approved in the state courts.

As you know, in the summer of 2012 will be held in Vladivostok summit of the Asia-Pacific. In Russia will gather forty eight "top officials" from the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Australia and other countries. By this time, the city will have to be completed on the giant bridge crossings. The main span of the bridge across the Golden Horn will be 737 meters and the bridge over the Bosphorus eastern Russian island — 1,100 meters. The bridge on the Russian island may become the world record holder: Currently, there is no cable-stayed bridges with spans of similar length. Vertical clearance of bridges will be constructed almost seventy meters, which allows them to travel below the ocean vessels.

Vladivostok for bridge construction is an absolute necessity. Necessary to overcome the sea strait "one jump", without building in the Golden Horn bay and the Gulf of East Bosphorus bridge piers. Bridge piers would not only prevent shipping (and it is very intense in Vladivostok!), But also significantly impeded the activities Pershamaiski shipyard passenger port of Vladivostok, part of the Navy.

News from the construction site
August 28, 2010 Trestle part:


September 10, 2010
Diary of building a bridge across the Golden Horn

On the 8th pole concreted section 36 repealed. 147.91 and half of the 37 sections, begins construction of the upper section of the pylon with metal inner sections of the cabling. Preparations for the concreting of the anchor span.

At the 9 pole concreted section 26 repealed. 107.91. The work of installation delays 1st time tightening is being installed under timber formwork on migration in the region of 10 support began to reinforce the bottom layer.

Information from Wikipedia:

The idea of building a bridge across the Golden Horn was announced at the end of XIX century. At various times, it prevented the implementation of the Russian-Japanese War, World War I, the Revolution, World War II and restructuring. In 1959, Nikita Khrushchev put forward the slogan of the city of Vladivostok do better than San Francisco. In 1969, the bridge was included in the master plan for the city, but was never built. December 30, 2005 the governor of Primorye Territory Sergey Darkin has signed a decree "On the construction of a bridge across the Golden Horn" and 9 months were announced the results of the tender for the design. The project of the bridge was designed in 2007 by a consortium of organizations designing OAO «Lengiprotrans", JSC "Giprostroymost — St. Petersburg", Primorgrazhdanproekt (Vladivostok) and Leonhardt, Andre und Partner (Germany). JSC "Institute Giprostroymost — St. Petersburg" is the general designer of the facility, including cable-stayed bridge, tunnel and road junctions.
June 18, 2008 the results of competition for the construction of the bridge. The general contractor was the Pacific bridge construction company, subcontractors — Dalmostostroy, Primavtodor and a number of other o
rganizations. Construction of the bridge, broken into six stages, there is a parallel with the creation of documentation. Release Date host committee will be held in 2011.
The bridge across the Golden Horn in Vladivostok built of steel Finnish company Ruukki. [6] Guys for the construction of the French company will produce "Freyssine Internacional and Company"

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