The bridge spanned the Akhtuba near Volgograd

February 25, ended one of the key stages of construction of the second bridge across the Volga — the workers made sliding metal fabric over the bed of the river Akhtuba, connecting the two banks. Now builders will start work with grass-roots part of the structure.

Complete the construction of the bridge over the Akhtuba planned by the end of 2014. After that will start the construction of the third stage of which is in turn connected by a bridge across the Volga and Akhtuba.

Recall that after the construction of the bridge across the Volga in 2009, funding for the work almost to a halt. Within two years, the federal funding for the launch complex has been reported. It was only in 2012, the new governor Sergei Bozhenova managed to government support. The construction of the bridge in 2012 was allocated 4 billion rubles. With this facility now launched a massive construction site. At the same time the governor talks about the new federal tranches.

— Capacity pace of construction was made possible only after the governor Sergey Bozhenov secured financial support from the federal government, until this work is almost not carried out, and the prospect of the third stage of the bridge is not even visible. Today the situation has changed radically — said General Director of the contractor Constantine Kazan. According to him, the first time in recent financial problems at the facility there, in 2013 will complete the construction of the main structural elements of the bridge. The plans for 2014 th — the construction of the roadway and pedestrian crossings.

At the completion of the second and third stage of the bridge across the Volga to receive from the federal budget 13.5 billion rubles. Assistance in obtaining federal funding promised Chairman of the Accounting Chamber of Russia Sergey Stepashin. At a meeting in Moscow, he said he would send a letter to President Vladimir Putin to support two major transport facility of strategic importance for the Volgograd region — this is the third stage of Metrotram and the completion of two launch complexes bridge across the Volga.

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