The Bryansk Engineering Plant successfully completed factory testing of shunting locomotives

Experts Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, is part of ZAO "Transmashholding") has successfully completed factory testing promising modification shunting locomotive TEM18 — TEM18V locomotive with a diesel engine of the Finnish company Wartsila.


The design TEM18V-001 engine used W6L20LA, which has a capacity of 882 kW and develops it at 1000 rev. / Min.

TEM18V — one of the models new line of shunting locomotives, which are currently at BMZ. TEM18V different operating economy and environmental friendliness.

Modern equipment and systems for the protection of traffic control ensures increased safety operation of the locomotive. The transition to the use of the operating organization will TEM18V reduce the cost of diesel fuel and oil, locomotive equipment, pay for the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

When drafting a locomotive engine W6L20LA designers managed to solve a number of related technical problems. The most important of them — the creation of a diesel engine cooling systems and the adaptation of diesel equipment at an increased speed of the new power plant. On TEM18V-001 set a new compressor and the fan on the shaft cooling chamber — fluid coupling variable content.

We find the solution and to protect the engine from possible water hammer, which can occur due to contact of the coolant into the cylinders. This will make a diesel engine cranking before starting to supervise the absence of water in the cylinder. Proposed information on engine idle time display driver.

The new locomotive is equipped with a system of "Gulf Stream", which saves fuel.

In the process of production tests subjected to test the control system of diesel, its protection, work the brake and electrical equipment. Good performance showed an upgraded cooling system, the tests which were carried out under the supervision of experts Wartsila.

During testing, the measured amount of harmful emissions into the environment, noise, infrasound and vibration in the workplace locomotive crew and a number of other parameters.

Working committee to review the results of production tests, which included representatives of Railways, Wartsila, TransMashHolding, VNIKTI, VNIIZhT, examining experienced locomotive and familiarized with a set of design and technological documentation, regulations and protocols preliminary tests sent a locomotive on the certification tests.

Creating a locomotive with a diesel engine Wartsila is part of a larger program TransMashHolding to expand the lineup of shunting locomotives, which also includes work on dvuhdizelnoy and hybrid cars, as well as modular locomotive TEM TMH.

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