The causes of the tragedy under a mountain of corpses

"Top Secret", 10.09.2002, Moscow, n9, p.30-31
UFO or secret trials?

At the top of Otorten (it is located in the northernmost part of the Sverdlovsk region on the border of the Republic of Komi and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) is another name, the local, the language of the Mansi — Holat Sjahyl, Gore dead. Places around the forest — deserted, and the deaf. Winter frosts reach 50 degrees, and deep snow make it difficult to approach. But local hunters seldom look here for another reason: an evil reputation in the mountains — there are often people were killed.
To the glory of the old ruinous added a new in February 1959 on the slopes of the mountain under mysterious circumstances, death overtook a group of tourists. They were healthy young people with no time to go mountain hiking. About the causes of sudden, strange death of them put forward a variety of assumptions: poisoning, ball lightning, adverse effects of some gases rays. There is also this: went to the area where the tests were conducted secret "vacuum weapons." The fact that the victims observed a strange reddish tinge to the skin, there were internal injuries and bleeding. "Those signs should be observed in lesions of" vacuum bombs ", which creates a strong negative pressure air over a large area — said on this subject in the Executive Summary," Encyclopedia of the unknown. "- On the periphery of the zone at the person of the internal pressure burst blood vessels, and in the epicenter of the body is torn apart. "
None of the versions put forward was not confirmed. Tragic accident remained a mystery for researchers and paranormal phenomena, and for law enforcement.
But if all that is secret and does not become clear, sooner or later, lifts the veil. In connection with the tragedy on Mount dead prosecutor's investigation was launched. However, reinsurance or other reasons, some of its classified. Only forty years later, the opportunity to study these materials and to some extent, to imagine what happened.
A group of students of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, headed by an experienced leader, Igor Dyatlov went hiking in the Northern Urals. We had to climb the route the third category of difficulty (in race classification mining and tourist routes those years, this was the highest category of complexity).
Why do tourists headed for the top Otorten? Perhaps they are attracted by its mystique, the stories of hunters, even the translation of the name — "Do not go there" …
According to the investigators, "using light time of the day to climb to the top of the" 1079 "in high wind conditions, which is common in the area, and the low temperature of the order of 25-30 degrees below zero. Woodpeckers was spending the night at a disadvantage, and decided to pitch a tent on the side of "1079", so that the next morning, without losing altitude, the mountain pass Otorten to which remained in a straight line of 10 km. One of the cameras kept a photo frame (made by the latter), which shows the time of the excavation of snow for tents . "
Density frame can be assumed that set up the tents at five o'clock in the evening. After that, no records and no picture. At least, nothing else was found.
The lack of news from the band Dyatlova for several weeks has caused alarm, and on the tourists have gone several search groups, and then the team from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, planes and helicopters civil and military aviation.
Feb. 26 on the eastern slope of the peak "in 1079," the group found a tent with all the equipment and food. The location and availability of items in the tent — almost all footwear, all outdoor clothing, personal effects and diaries — testified that she had left suddenly, at the same time as a group, and as subsequently established a forensic examination, the leeward side of the tent was cut from within, two places at sites that provide free access.
The snow beneath a tent for 500 yards well-preserved human footprints leading from the tent in the valley and into the woods. Inspection of traces (they counted eight — nine pairs) showed that some left almost bare foot (for example, to wear), and others — felt boots. Not in a tent, or close to it there are no signs of struggle or the presence of other people. In one and a half kilometers away from the tent, near the border of the forest, found the remains of a fire, and near stripped to their underwear corpses members Doroshenko and Krivonischenko. At 300 meters from the fire towards the tent, found dead Dyatlov, yet just 180 meters away — Slobodina corpse, and 150 meters from the Slobodina — Kolmogorova corpse. The last three bodies are arranged in a straight line from the fire to the tent. Woodpeckers was lying on his back, his head in the tent, his hand clutching a small trunk of a birch. Poses Slobodina and Kolmogorova testified that they crawled to the tent. In their pockets found money, personal items (pens, pencils, etc.).
A forensic examination established that they died from the effect of low temperatures, none of them had no injuries, except minor scratches and abrasions. True, there was a crack Slobodina skull, but he died of cooling.
At 75 meters from the fire towards the valley of a tributary of the fourth Lozvy, under a layer of snow in the 4-4, 5 meters found dead Dubinin, Zolotarev, Thibault-Brenolya and Kolevatova.
The minutes recorded description of the clothing of the victims, noted the time on the clock stopped — each. And another very significant — for four deaths: how to install an autopsy, the death was a result of multiple injuries (fractured ribs, depressed skull fracture). All these protocol details are important in connection with making judgments.
"… The product of the investigation 1 and 2 February 1959 in the height of" 1079 "other people, except for a group of tourists Dyatlov has not been established. Was also found that the population of the Mansi peoples living in the 80-100 km from this place belongs to Russian friendly, provides tourists with accommodation, assisting them, etc. The place where the team lost in the winter is in Mansi unsuitable for hunting and reindeer herding. Given the lack of corpses external injuries and signs of a struggle, the presence of all the values of the group, and taking into account the opinion of the forensic examination of the causes of death of tourists, it must be assumed that the cause of death was a force of nature tourists, to overcome that tourists were not able to. "
This text signed by the prosecutor-criminalist Ivanov and Chief of the Investigation Department Lukin.
Unexplained "force of nature" … What the newspapers in those days? Turns out, February 18, 1959 in the newspaper "Tagilskiy worker", a note "unusual celestial phenomenon," signed by the deputy chief of communications of the High-mine Kiseleva. It said: "At 6 hours and 55 minutes of local time yesterday in the east — south-east at an altitude of 20 degrees from the horizon appeared a glowing ball the size of the apparent diameter of the Moon. Ball was moving towards the north-east. Around seven o'clock near an outbreak and was seen very bright core of the world. himself began to glow more intensely, near a luminous cloud appeared, deflected towards the south.
Cloud spread to the eastern part of the sky. Soon after, there was a second outbreak, it had the appearance of the crescent Moon. Gradually increasing the cloud, the center has remained a point of light (a light was variable in size). The ball was moving in direction east — northeast. The greatest height above the horizon — 30 degrees — was reached at about 7:00 05 minutes. Continuing the movement, this is an unusual celestial phenomenon weakened and eroded. Thinking that it is somehow connected with the satellite receiver is turned on, but the reception was not. "
For this publication
the leading comrades of the Sverdlovsk Regional Party Committee imposed on the editor of a major recovery — not reported, not consulted.
Therefore, search engines extinct group of tourists and asked not to meteorologists, seismologists, or astrophysicists, and the Sverdlovsk City Committee of the Communist Party with the following phone message: "03/31/59, at 4.00 in the south-east Mescheryakov attendant noticed a large fire ring, which is within 20 minutes drive on us, and then disappearing for height "880." And before that, from the center of the ring appeared star, which gradually increased to the size of the moon and started to fall down, moving away from the ring. unusual phenomenon observed by many people raised the alarm. Please explain this phenomenon and its safety, as in our case it produces uneasy impression. Avenburg, Pogapa, warm. "
Gorkomovskie comrades could not answer without consulting obkomovskimi, and those — not agreeing with the decision by senior management. And "valuable indication" was launched.
That's what we told the former prosecutor L.N.Ivanov: "When we looked around the vicinity of the scene, they found that some of the young trees on the edge of the forest as it burned — these tracks were not concentric, or any other form, there was the epicenter. This was confirmed and the direction of the beam, or strong, but it is unknown, at least to us, the energy acting selectively: the snow is not melted, the trees are not damaged. had the impression that when the tourists fell by five meters down the mountain, then some of them someone directed manner … We dealt with the prosecutor of the initial data reported to the first secretary of the regional committee, he gave a clear command — work to classify, to bury the tourists boarded the graves and tell the family that all died of hypothermia. "
Ivanov then spent extensive research of clothing and individual organs for radiation victims. According to expert opinion, the samples studied contained a few clothes overestimated the amount of radioactive substances caused by beta radiation. But suspicion of induced radioactivity or neutron flux rays were not confirmed. Geologists with radiometers carefully combed Otorten mountain and surrounding area, but found no excess radiation.
Analyzed, and the story of the nuclear explosion somewhere in the area — this is constantly rumored by the local population. But the nuclear tests in the atmosphere at that time in the territory of Russia was carried out. Experts rejected the assumption associated with the radioactive cloud that reached from Novaya Zemlya, where from 1954 conducted nuclear tests (the last nuclear blast there was recorded October 25, 1958).
Later it turned out that one of the participants in this campaign, A.Kolevatov, had to deal with radioactive substances and other Yu.Krivonischenko worked in Chelyabinsk-40, and was under the Kyshtym when it exploded in 1957 with a capacity of radioactive waste. So that the radioactive dust on their clothes could stay with the times.
With the death of climbers or tourists in hiking and climbing questions naturally arise: what is the cause of what happened, who is to blame for the misery? The investigation is usually involved in sports organizations and workers, and law enforcement officials. But the incident at Mount Otorten was so unusual that there were any important evidence.
Here's the story Meteorological Technician Tokarev: "Feb. 17 at 6 hours and 50 minutes in the sky appeared unusual phenomenon — the motion of the stars with a tail. Tail was like a dense cirrus clouds. Later this star was released from the tail, was brighter than all the stars, and flew away, was gradually bloat. has formed a large bowl, wrapped in mist. then caught fire inside this ball star, from which first formed a small bowl, not so bright. big ball fell gradually became like a blur. 7.05 In vanished altogether. Drove from the south to the north-east " .
Similar information about the observed then the sky unusual move objects reported by the military prosecutor's office Savchenko and Atamaki, students Geography Department of the Sverdlovsk Pedagogical Institute. Attorney L.N.Ivanov dealt with the case not only for debt service. The interest in "flying saucers" and the mysterious object was then universal. And in connection with this state of emergency in Otorten Leo Nikititch began to regard the "fireballs" with great attention. He collected information from many witnesses of the spans, a UFO hovering in the Polar Urals. A careful study of the case led to the conclusion that the death of tourists associated with exposure to UFOs.
"I think everything happened — told reporters Leo Ural Nikititch. — The guys had dinner and went to bed. One of them went out on the natural necessity (there were traces) and saw something that made everyone leave the tent and run down. I think this is was a ball of light. And it's actually overtook them at the edge of the forest … Three get seriously injured. In fact must be forensic evidence. According to him, it was a bit of a strong shock wave or shock, as in a car accident. Well continue the struggle for survival … I have never met a more brilliant display of courage, a fierce fight for his life and his comrades. But the power of force ache … Two of them, which was found under a cedar tree, trying to light a fire, climbed on cedar for knots, and it remained on the bark shreds of skin and muscles … The investigation helped their fellow straggler from the group because of illness. He knew who was wearing what, helped to establish who's in what turned out. All clothes were mixed up — they stripped the dead, so to save the living. "
Ufologists were of such an assumption. It is possible that ran out of the tent campers were blinded by the rays of the UFO. They experienced a feeling of terror, comparable to what people experience during earthquakes, when lost the power of speech. There are cases when, under the rays of the UFO witnesses from deteriorating vision, advancing even temporary blindness.
If we accept this version, you can understand the reason for the stampede of guys cut the tent. Some time after the shock they began to come to life. But the blindness of their disoriented. Perhaps the more powerful members of the group, she began to pass — they crept toward the tent. But to overcome the lifting force is not enough. Unnatural color of the skin of the victims also shows the resulting radiation. Similar cases of burns and exposures similar to a laser, also known ufologists.
However, it is now a former prosecutor may Ivanov aloud to suggest that tourists ruined a strong shock wave from the exploding UFO. Then he was forced to pull out pages with unsuitable for the "spontaneous" versions of the conclusions of the experts (experts themselves have given to sign an NDA), business secret list and handed it to the archive. And it was from that show hypervigilant. After all, Moscow controlled the course of the investigation, a Union and the Russian Prosecutor's Office. Former correspondent for "Ural worker" G.Grigorev says Nikita Khrushchev himself was aware of. A directly "supervised" effect then the second secretary of the Sverdlovsk Regional comrade. Eshtokin: Ivanov listened to the reports, gave valuable advice. These are the high-ranking officials were involved in the death of an ordinary tourist group.
In the search for the causes of the tragedy and remember the amazing phenomenon, which often encounter people in the North. In winter, during the long polar night, when there is the aurora, some people fall into a strange state. They shall be removed completely from the outside world, excitedly talking to an invisible companion, swaying to the beat of their only audible music. Often wander like sleepwalkers, not choosing the path away from the house to the tundra. When he regained consciousness after a while, dimly remembered to have hear
d the sounds of fabulous beauty and obeyed the North Star, which calls upon a true habitat — the ancient land of their ancestors. The phenomenon is well named — "Call of the Wild."
There are attempts to explain the strange scientific impact of the aurora on the human psyche. The reason for that may be, firstly, the low-frequency electromagnetic waves, reproducible aurora. Their range of 8-13 Hz, similar to the frequencies of alpha and beta rhythms in the brain. Hence — the irresistible human desire to merge with something more reliable than himself. Secondly, such a natural phenomenon, like the aurora is accompanied by infrasound. It is not discernible to the ear, but biologically active. The brain and the cardiovascular system of a person originally perceive sound in the subsonic range, so the effects on the body can be very unpredictable. The existence of "The Flying Dutchman" — ships without a team — also explain the birth of the subsonic rumble of storm surge. Under their influence the people have not understood the fear and even terror and panic, in the end, leaving the ship. Maybe something similar happened with the tourists in the Urals in 1959? ..
There is another version that connects all the testimony and documentary evidence. It is earthly, not anomalous, however, also from the category of "The X-Files." The air near the mountains, where the group for the night, some kind of rocket exploded. Perhaps with a warhead. This would account for the blast wave, and the radioactivity and the strange color of the skin of the dead, and mysterious glow in the sky — say that such phenomena are observed in the region of the Plesetsk test site during the test. However, to find out if there were any tests in the same region as yet. However, many witnesses testify that flying in the sky rockets were not uncommon in the 50-60-years in those parts. Later, near the scene of the death of Dyatlov in the taiga found several fragments of duralumin (say, one of them is in the wording of "Ural worker").

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