The center, which will be able to make 15 thousand a year sergeants, will open in the CVO

Interspecific Training Center, in which once a year will prepare more 15 thousand sergeants will earn the Central Military environment, said in the press service of the surroundings.

"Since September 20, the troops of the Central Military neighborhood will work interspecific District Training Center for junior professionals. Brand new structural unit will now consist of seven training centers in five regions of the Russian Federation ", — said in a statement.
Structure headed by Colonel Edward latest Zavarzin.

The new association will include two training centers for junior professionals motorized troops, training centers for training of professionals in the tank, missile and artillery troops, air defense forces and communication center preparation of the Airborne Troops. Training centers in the newly made structure deployed near Saratov, Ulyanovsk and Orenburg, Omsk and settlement Elansky Sverdlovsk region.

According to the report, the military will learn from a three-month program there, learning more than 70 military specialties: a driver, gunner, the operator of the tank, infantry fighting vehicle operator and landing, the commander of combat vehicles, mortars, guns, radar and other communications.

At present, the training center CVO trained more than 7 thousand junior professionals. A total of interspecific district training center during the year will be prepared for more than 15 thousand troops trained professionals.

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