The Central Bank of the Russian Federation must belong to the Russian Federation!

Now The Central Bank RF is independent and not subject to even the Russian state. Those who does not know this, just this fact can check by looking in the Constitution of the Russian Federation (Article 75), and the Federal Law "On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of RF). " Most of the "independent experts" from the "free" media, when it is on the Central Bank, are beginning a long and tedious to explain that, but not being controlled by the Government, the Central Bank will be effective, will ensure low inflation and the growth of Russian economy.

Can be long to explain why the current status of the Central Bank does not contribute to the flourishing of our economy. We will not do this. To mention one example.

Imagine yourself there in your family purse, there are your means. You have earned their conscientious work. But squander them for you can not. In no case. Completely self-contained without permission from you uncles living, by the way, in your own apartment. In other words, formal — it works for you. I think so. So in fact it from you very independent. He appoints himself for wages, he pays for it himself. And here is something you depend on him. After all, he can only give you permission to izderzhat YOU earnings. And without his permission, you can not do it. And in order to avoid temptation, your salary and all the savings right now are not going for you, uncle. He saves the reserves of your family. Unfair? Embarrassing? Surprising? That you! Fair! Comfortable! Modern! And, most importantly, on another it is impossible — if trust funds to you, you also will be able to spend it. After all, particularly as we explain the correctness and wisdom of this unusual situation. But the family you would be sorted out swiftly uncle — would take, well, kicked him out. So? A uncle-Stealther is! And the bit about you turnut him as he begins to squeal on the whole staircase. And at the entrance to your apartment, just in case, there are three other uncles. Written on them: "Human rights organizations", "independent press", "Civilized countries (NATO)." Do not believe me? Please: Law Article 6 of the Central Bank. "…Bank The Russian Federation has the right to appeal for the protection of their own interests in international courts, the courts of foreign countries and courts of arbitration … ". And they do not listen to you, and your uninvited cash assistant. See that you do not hurt your own uncle. And so politely asked him for permission to waste all their money. Why? Since you signed the law The Central Bank of his apartment and now have to abide by it.

To get out of this humiliating for our country's dependence, the public organization "Russian Union of people" in collaboration with the deputy of the State Duma E. Fedorov was drafted legislation № 130800-6 «On introducing configurations to the Federal Law" On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of RF) "(In terms of increasing the efficiency of the emission mechanism and the use of foreign exchange reserves).

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On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)

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