The Church and the military-industrial complex — are united

The Church and the military-industrial complex - are united

In the capital's international exhibition center "Crocus" on Sunday was a congress of the Voluntary movements of the Popular Front in Support of the Army, Navy and defense industry, which is created with the support of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. The core of the new movement are workers in the defense industry, the activists of the Congress of Russian Communities and the Cossacks.

For programs from the base of the new movement is taken of Vladimir Putin's article "Russia: state issue." The main objectives of the Voluntary movements were: the revival of defense and military science in the Russian Federation, the union of healthy public forces on the basis of national-patriotic ideology, principles of democratic development and scientific and technological revolution, the creation of a modern efficient system of military-patriotic education of youth.

The Congress was blessed Patriarch and Metropolitan of All Russia Kirill. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church said in a statement that "freedom is the ability of the people to determine their own historical path." He also spoke on the topic of what you can lose the independence and freedom of having not only a strong economy, and well-armed army. As proof of his own words Patriarch cited the example of the USSR disintegrated, without a single shot. According to the Patriarch, the big problem of the modern world is the information anger associated with globalization. According to the views of the cleric should instill in people the ability to resist the fury of information to learn how to sift disastrous for society. Patriarch noted that the idea of the development of the military-industrial complex should accompany reflections on the spiritual condition of those who get up in the system and protects the country with weapons in their hands.

Patriarch endorsed Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin"Hide the mountain standing before us, it is impossible without the spiritual support and deep faith in yourself and in Russia." First performances Rogozin read a congratulatory telegram from Vladimir Putin, and then recalled that Article Prime Minister dedicated to the development of the Armed Forces and the defense industry — is not that different, as the doctrine of the revival of the Russian Federation by the modern industrialization.

Dmitry Rogozin noted that in accordance with state applets weapons defense should produce for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the coming decade, four intercontinental ballistic missiles, eight strategic nuclear submarines, 50 surface ships, 600 aircraft and a thousand helicopters. But speaking about the development of military capabilities identified Deputy Prime Minister, we can not forget about the civilian economy. Rogozin I saw that "our applets should not be ruinous for the country." In his view, every enterprise of the defense-industrial complex should be established and production of civilian products. Rogozin sure that in this area need to lure and personal capital: Businessmen should realize that in the defense industry are sectors where you can apply to use the talents and resources.

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