The CIA should be banned, because no hope of correcting them there (Global Research, Canada)

The CIA should be banned, because no hope of correcting them there ("Global Research", Canada)The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has confirmed the worst fear its creator President Harry Truman, who feared that it might degenerate into a "South American Gestapo." It is they have long years, and no hope for its correction not. Its history — a history of 60 years of failure and fascism, and this department is in complete contradiction with the spirit of democracy, and therefore it should be closed, shut down forever.

Over the years of its existence, "the agency," as it is called, passed the South American presidents are not so little wrong disk imaging so countless matters of principle, not so little has violated laws, falsified election is not so little, overthrew many governments, funded so quite a few dictators and destroyed subjected to torture as many or what is the innocent people that the pages of its official history seem to be written in blood, not ink. People around the world consider it shameful CIA organization and such an assessment, the shame for all of America, in the main accurate. In addition, as President Obama has almost a dozen other major intelligence agencies, from which he receives advice and information, for which he needs the CIA? He was one stroke may exclude from the calculation of the Federal Gazette on salaries 27,000 employees, saving taxpayers billions of dollars and a lot of erasing the South American flag with a splodge of the CIA.

If you think this is a "constructive" idea, think again. Radicalism smells just what we allow mass undercover operatives poking around the world, causing a mess and chaos, because they do not think either of morality or, for that matter, of charity, which is an integral part of at least some majestic faith. The proposal to waive the charges in the address CIA interrogators, as President Obama calls them (ie, torturers), is a nightmare. These crimes have to stop sometime and somehow, otherwise they will repeat again.

"The CIA interrogation centers have been hidden in the past — since 1950, and they were in Germany, the land of the rising sun and Panama" — writes New York Times reporter Tim Weiner (Tim Weiner) in his book "Legacy of Ashes, The History of The CIA "(Legacy of ashes, or the history of the CIA). Weiner won a Pulitzer Prize for his work on the light of the intelligence community. "It has been involved in the torture of captured enemies before, since 1967, working in Vietnam as part of programs from" Phoenix. "It previously kidnapped suspected terrorists and murders …", — says the creator.

For example, in Iran in 1953 as a result of the coup under the control of the CIA in the absolute power of the newly returned the Shah. , It was the beginning, writes journalist William Blum (William Blum) in his book "Rogue State" (rogue state), "the 25-year period of repression and torture, the country's oil industry has returned to the foreign ownership, with the United States and Britain have 40 percent of any ". At about the same time in Guatemala, Blum adds, in the end the CIA komplota "overthrew the democratically-elected and progressive government of Jacob Arbenz (Jacobo Arbenz). This marked the beginning of the 40-year history of the military junta, death squads, torture, disappearances, mass executions and unholy ruthlessness, which have claimed more than 200 000 people. Certainly, it was one of the most ruthless chapters in the history of the 20th century. " Mass murder by number of victims compared with Hitler's genocide against the Romanian and Ukrainian Jews during the Holocaust. But this is known only to few Americans.

Bloom gives other examples of criminal activities by the CIA. In Indonesia, it is tried in 1957-58 to overthrow President Sukarno partisan neutrality. The agency had planned murder Sukarno was trying to blackmail him fake sexy movie content, also joined forces with disgruntled army officers, the president, began full-scale war against the Indonesian government, which took part in the South American pilots who bombed targets on the ground. This attempt, similar to one of the attempted coup approximately at the same time in Costa Rica, has suffered a disaster. Also failed attempt to kill the CIA in 1960 in Iraq, President Abdul Kassem (Abdul Kassem). Others were more adventures "successful."

In Laos, the CIA was involved in coup attempts in 1958, 1959 and 1960, creating in order to overthrow the government kept secret army of 30,000 people. In Ecuador, the CIA ousted President Jose Velasco (Jose Velasco), because he recognized the new Cuban government of Fidel Castro. The CIA also organized in 1961, killing elected Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, instead of putting him in power Seko Mobutu (Mobutu Seko). "He ruled the state with such ruthlessness with the rampant corruption that it shocked even his CIA supervisors," — says Bloom.

In Ghana, the CIA organized in 1966 by a military coup against the favorite country Kwame Nkrumah (Kwame Nkrumah); in Chile, it financed the overthrow in 1973, nationwide elected President Salvador Allende, brought to power a fierce regime of Augusto Pinochet, which 3000 destroyed the political enemies and tortured many thousands of people. In Greece in 1967, the CIA assist to disrupt the elections and supported the military coup, during which only the first month it killed 8,000 Greeks. "Torture, conducted by the most terrible means, often with the help of the supplied equipment from the United States, turned into ordinariness" — says Bloom.

In South Africa, the CIA passed the information to the apartheid regime, which led to the arrest of the public's favorite African Congress of Nelson Mandela, who subsequently spent many years in the slammer. In 1964, in Bolivia, the CIA overthrew President Victor Paz (Victor Paz). In Australia, the CIA from 1972 to 1975 year has transferred millions of dollars Labour Party political opponents. The same thing happened in Brazil in 1962. In 1960, the CIA in Laos rigged election results, with the result that came to power Teran. In the 70 years in Portugal, the CIA financed candidates defeated the government on the side of Labour. In the Philippines, the CIA between 1970 and 1990 supported the government, which was used against the people of torture and mass executions. In 90 years in El Salvador, the CIA supported the richest people in the civilian war that killed 75,000 civilian inhabitants. The list goes on and on.

Certainly, that is enormous hatred for the people of South American and South American businesses, which gives rise to the CIA. Since the Agency has been working secretly in the main, most of the Yankees did not know anything about the sins that are committed in its name. As written in the book "Blowback" (Reverse Flash) Chalmers Johnson (Chalmers Johnson), long time manager of the CIA, Robert Gates, who at the present time holds the post of Minister of Defense in the Obama administration, admitted that the South American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahideen in Afghanistan for another 6 months before the invasion there in December 1979 Russian troops.

How often the case, the CIA responded to a criminal order that came from another imperial president, who took Snow White House. This time it came out July 3, 1979, and gave orders to President Jimmy Carter. The Agency has received an order to assist opponents of the pro-Soviet regi
me in Kabul — that provoke the Kremlin for an invasion. "The CIA supported Osama bin Laden, as well as many other design-minded fundamentalists among the Afghan mujahideen, since at least 1984," — says Johnson. It is a broker of bin Laden prepare for the war in Afghanistan, 35,000 Arabs.

So Makar, Carter, like his successors in the government of Bush — Gates, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, and Colin Powell — "all together have some responsibility for the deaths of 1.8 million Afghans, with the emergence of 2 6 million refugees, 10 million unexploded mines, as it was the result of their decisions, they are also responsible for the "collateral damage" the town of New York City in September 2001, caused by the organization they helped create during the years of the anti-Soviet Afghan resistance, " , said Johnson. What is even worse, the Bush-Cheney regime after the September 11, did not set any restrictions on the activities of the agency. "They laid the foundations for the creation of secret prisons where CIA officers and employees of contractors have used a variety of methods, including torture," — said Weiner. According to some estimates, the CIA in 2006, contained a hidden lock-up 14,000 people. This is a serious sin against humanity.

The fact that the CIA is not interested in justice, and that it is completely without reason produces its relentless action, you can realize if conducted to look at them indiscriminately as the Seine, the arrests. "For year after the September 11 attacks the CIA seized more than 3 thousand people in 100 countries around the world with excessive "- Weiner writes, noting that only 14 man of the detainees "were senior leaders of" al-Qaeda "and its affiliates. Together with them, agency seized hundreds or what is the innocent people who became ghost prisoners in the war on terror. "

As regards the provision of clear crisp white House intelligence information, then there is the work of the CIA was a complete fiasco. Agency read as President Carter that people love their own Shah of Iran — and is firmly in power. At the same time, at least some readers of the magazine Harper's, which sold on newsstands for a buck, could read that his overthrow is imminent. And so it happened. With age, the agency has been wrong more often than to give good estimates.

According to the Associated Press, when the Senate claimed as the new CIA director, Leon Panetta, who said that the Obama administration will not prosecute those agency employees "who are involved in harsh interrogations even if they are torture if they do not go beyond beyond their own job descriptions. " This will allow investigators to avoid punishment for the execution obviously criminal orders that are on all the grounds can not do.

"Panetta also said that the Obama administration will continue the practice of translation of foreign detainees to other countries for questioning but only if the South American officials are convinced that the prisoners would not be tortured," wrote the article creators Associated Press. If the past is just the beginning, as Panetta can be sure that our colleagues smashed the CIA in countries such as Egypt and Morocco will end torture of prisoners of their own? What is generally the CIA to kidnap people on the streets of Milan and New York, and then transporting them to these countries, if not for torture? Of course, it was not a gift for those arrested in the form of a trip to the Mediterranean. Own long and virtually unintelligible unmatched history of non-compliance of international standards CIA has deprived itself of the right to exist.

It will be worse than bad luck if president Obama will continue a relentless (and illegal) practice of detention and transportation of people in the CIA's bullpen, which was launched by President Bill Clinton, and president Bush has greatly expanded. If Snow White House thinks that his agents can dart around the world, and attempting to grab at least some people make their own choices without a court order, without due process tribute, and did not carry with it all the responsibility for their crimes, it indicates only one : what Americans consider themselves owners Rasa, which is best of all the others and is above international law. It's not much different from the philosophy by which appeared 3rd Reich of Adolf Hitler. This will be the greatest phenomenon when the South American electorate had rejected in the past year racism, voted for a constitutional lawyer, confirming its predecessor criminal gaze on this kind of activity. Illegal arrest and extradition to finish. The CIA should be banned.

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