The death of an alien in Sweden

February 2, 2013 14:45

Sometimes the alien ships fall to Earth

Sometimes the alien ships fall to Earth

In the mid 70-ies of XX century, in Copenhagen, Denmark, an international exhibition under the motto Karlek eller Kaos («Love or chaos"). Its situated in the historic (XVII century) Charlottenburg Palace. Was there and stand combining Swedish UFO Free UFO Study (FUFOS). Hundreds of visitors daily detained near to listen to a message on developments in the UFO and look at the accompanying slides.

Disaster on forest clearing

One morning, when some of the stand stood a group of students, they were joined by elegant gentleman in his sixties. Listen to the message and seeing the slides, the students left, they were replaced by new visitors, and the man's not leaving.
Booth personnel interested visitor unusual behavior, and one of them tried to talk to him. At first he took it cautiously, but then apparently felt sympathy to his companion, and told him the following story:
"In 1955, I, along with two older brothers worked as a logger on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia in the Swedish province Västernorrland.

Early one morning in July, about six o'clock, we, as usual, going to start cutting, I heard a noise, what happens when you through the thicket, breaking branches, scraping large animal. A moment later we saw the trees flying cigar-shaped object.

At first I thought it was trying to make an emergency landing a small plane that has lost its wings.

Three hundred meters further along the direction of motion was a river, to which he is likely to try and hang on. We realized that now it will collapse, and moved in behind him. We had not run and twenty meters, the object fell into a clearing about forty meters from the river bank.

We expected to see the smoke and flames, hear the roar of the explosion, but it did not happen. In absolute silence all around suddenly shone incredibly bright light. At the same time we felt the blow so powerful air wave that tree trunks twisted.

When a mysterious glow faded, the air calmed down, we went to the meadow to see what happened, but do not see: the place of the falling object was littered with heaps of trees.

Enlonavt came into contact with people

Enlonavt came into contact with people

Contact with enlonavtom

Deciding to go back to work, we barely made a dozen steps when one of the brothers said:

— Hey, look at that! There is a dwarf in uniform.

For a while we stood in silence, staring at the strange creature, no signs of life. It was the growth of a little more than a meter, he was surrounded by a dim aura pulsating white light. We understand that this is an extraterrestrial alien. One of the brothers touched the humanoid, but then fell back with a cry and said that at the moment of touching him like electric shock. At the same moment the alien opened his eyes and said softly, in Swedish:

— Do not touch me, or you will be in trouble. Now you know who I am.

We realized that he is able to read our minds. Came to himself a little, we started to scrutinize the alien. He had regular features. Yellowish color of the skin, like a native of Asia. Black eyes, deep-set, but without proteins. On the face of an alien had a few injuries, and one colorless liquid oozing. On the neck could be seen what looked like a shark's gills. Appearance complement thin bloodless lips. When humanoid smiled shyly, we saw two rows of small flat teeth. His little hands were almost five equal length with finger nails.

Vestment alien made of reddish like material on the metal close to the body.
On his feet were boots of thick corrugated soles reminded tank tracks. Perhaps the shoes served humanoid individual vehicle. Waist alien covered a wide metal belt with a huge buckle, emits blue light.

In its center was seen a sign similar to the letter U with letter V inside.

Star story stranger

Seeing that I consider it, the alien said:

— Can I stay with you a little thanks spacesuits. Inside it, I have already been destroyed.

Then his right hand touched the thigh and disappeared inside the suit, although there is no sign of the pocket. He pulled out a sort of remote with tiny buttons, like a matchbox. To it was attached a miniature "pencil." Humanoid repeatedly pressed him on the button, then tossed the remote aside.

— Do not touch him — he warned. — This device will tell my friends that happened to me, that they were not looking for me. For there, where I arrived I was waiting …

For a while the stranger was lying quietly, but his hands were shaking occasionally. Perhaps he felt a strong pain.
At the time, the brothers looked at each other and, without saying a word, went into the wilderness. I asked them to stay, but they did not seem to hear me. Now, after many years, I'm sure they obeyed the orders of telepathic alien. I stayed and talked to him until his death.

Here are the few things, overcoming excruciating pain and remnants of the gathering, told me an alien star. He arrived with a planet in the constellation we call Eagle. We, humans, attended by representatives of several space civilizations. Some aliens are watching us for thousands of years. There are those who explore the Earth in order to investigate the possibility of creating her colonies. Aliens in contact with humans for several centuries.

Extraterrestrial visitor stayed alive only by space-suit

Extraterrestrial visitor stayed alive only by space-suit

The death of an alien

After finishing his story, humanoid gave me a bag, which also took out an invisible pocket, and said:

— When I die, the light will go out around my body, and then you and your friends throw my bag in the river. But do not go into the water so as not to experience the pain.

Then he began frantically to breathe, and I realized that the end was near. Luminous halo around him began to fade, and soon disappeared, and shining buckle faded. Humanoid opened his eyes and said a few words in a language I neither before nor after did not hear. Then switched to Swedish:

— You do not come into the world on his own and leave it in spite of it. Your life is like a mist …

He uttered a few words, but it was impossible to make out. I'm pretty sure that before his death he prayed.

This struck me.

Then I went and called for help brothers. Together, we have laid the remains of an alien in a bag and carried it to the river. Burden we burned palms from it came the smell of sulfur. The stranger was very heavy. When we dropped the bag in the river, the water began to boil over. After about five minutes of it was gone. "

And here is the material evidence?

— Perhaps no more to tell — finished his story unusual visitor, preparing to depart from the stand. Then he said — I remember the incident as clearly as if it was yesterday. On your slides I found an alien and was surprised because he believed that he was the only person who saw the stranger. Before I came across a lot of pictures and drawings of aliens, but none of the images did not look like someone with whom I had a chance to talk and who my brothers buried in the river …

Unexpected visitor took out a metal rod, like a thick needle, and showed it to the other party:

— Here, take a look.

— What is it? — Stand assistant asked.

The visitor smiled

— A day or two after the incident, I went back to that place. Remote disappeared, and "pencil" lying in the grass in place. I picked it up as proof that I did not dream.

Having said this, elegant gentleman walked away and was lost among the visitors.


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