The development of the power of thought

March 28, 2012 10:59

The development of the power of thought — this is what we did not learn in school, college. This is what we learn from life!

The development of the power of thought

Man is created in the image and likeness of God. Everybody knows. But we are aware of this? But every one of us — the Creator! Creator of his own world. How is this happening?

Your thoughts about yourself, we create our lives, make it a complete success and the success or vice versa. The power of thought — incredible! Before becoming a reality, any situation or thing in whose thoughts were — the head.

The process of creation is continuous. We are constantly thinking about something. And the quality of these ideas depend on our future.

What are you thinking right now? How to buy a new home? Find a loved one? Or may, as quickly repay the debt? The question is: "How do I set my mind in order to gravitate to you happiness, success, wealth?"

The power of thought is so great that it can destroy a person, and raise it to a higher level of development. She is able to fulfill all our wishes. This process is invisible, it can not be touched. That is why we pay so little attention to it. But, nevertheless, it works!

It works! And, subject to its laws. Earlier article The Law of Attraction is very detail illuminates this issue. After all, no matter if you're familiar with it or not, understand it or not, it works for you or against you. Do you want to send it a powerful force for improving their lives?

According to the Law of Attraction, everything on which to focus, attracted to us. Many people tend to think about and discuss what they have. If you have frequent thoughts like, "I have no apartment," "I have no money", "I do not …", then most likely you have them and never will. You send a signal in the form of thoughts, which is read as your desire. All your thoughts are taken literally. All what you think — back to you.

Most recently, knowledge of the power of thought have become widely available. But in ancient times, this knowledge has been a closely guarded secret and protected from the common people, and used exclusively for the subjugation and exploitation.

We live in a unique time, when anyone can take advantage of this knowledge, anyone can realize their wildest desires! And how do you do that?

The development of the power of thought — that's what we need! Therefore, in these pages we will give detailed advice.

Necessary to achieve the status and quality of our thoughts, that they become a reality as soon as possible.

Let's talk about what we need to get rid of in the first place. Every second of our lives we are in sight. Our actions can not hide from the universe. Did you ever have such a situation where you see a dropped their wallet, forgot a valuable thing in transport or cashier gave you the money? Resist the temptation! Do not play hide and seek with a conscience! Spodlichav, you can win a hundred and lose thousands. Return, return, tell me!

Meanness and rudeness, callousness punished sooner or later, and most importantly prevent the coming into your life n olozhitelnoy energy. Trim and wickedness forever eliminate from your life.

Significantly, that envy and resentment obstruct and block the way of health and good luck. Injuries from heavy cargo and jealousy must be eliminated. More on this will be in the following publications. Very often resentment settle firmly in the subconscious mind of man. A habit of "animate" them, talking about them, leads to serious diseases. Negative emotions affect every single function of the body. In the old books: "On reflection suffers spleen, anger — the liver, from anxiety — light, but from fear — the kidneys."

Let's learn how to safely respond to conflict situations. When we respond to evil, we unconsciously to strengthen. Rancor and resentment that have settled in your mind, take a lot of vitality.

An interesting point is that the more a person is not confident in their uniqueness, so it becomes touchy. We conclude. Need to develop a healthy, strong self-confidence that you deserve the best.

Think and talk about yourself as a person lucky, very successful:

I have everything works just fine!
I can do anything!
I was always lucky!
Every day my life is getting better!
I choose those thoughts that make me happy!
My desires are fulfilled!
You are free to think for myself the words that inspire you and just repeat them as often as possible.

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