The Dnipropetrovsk create a dairy farm

Since the beginning of 2013 in Dnipropetrovsk realized Ukrainian project "Native village", whose main goal — the establishment of rural cooperatives.

The project in the area in the Novomoskovsk, Apostolovo and Intercession areas already established three dairy cooperatives and 7 dairy farms family, another 40 — reconstructed.

 This is the director of the Department of Agribusiness and Rural Development Vadim Udovicki, reports Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration.

In general, in Ukraine there are about 4.5 million households. In his address, they have 45% of all land and produce 48% of gross agricultural production.

Typically, products that produce some small farms, are of low quality and competitive ability. This is because they do not have the proper conditions for its storage, and can not always time to implement it.

"That can include the formation of co-operative farming produced and farms products marketing chain, to improve the conditions of its processing and storage, and thus improve the quality, safety and value-added", — he said.

The project is primarily paid attention to dairy cattle, because 80% of the milk produced in the area is small and medium-sized farms.

Next year plan to implement the grain of the project — the creation of cooperatives in crop area.

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