The Dnipropetrovsk in kindergartens suggest marafet

Kindergarten "Kalinka" in the village of Tartu district Chernyavschina housed in the building, who will soon turn 80 years old. Small repairs were carried out at the expense of the local budget, no longer meets the sanitary requirements.

To resolve the situation, the local community addressed to the chairman of the regional council Eugene Hoopoe to participate in the regional competition of the projects and programs of the local government and successfully won.

In some stages of budgetary funds, involving the local community is repaired roof, catering department, gym, bedrooms and playrooms, replaced windows and doors, purchase of equipment and furniture. In the near future for the regional budget will be completed facade renovation.

— It is clear that such a workload village budget is not calculated. And with funding from the regional budget and support local entrepreneurs and farmers we did with the pre-war building a modern care facility. I am sure that children of all towns and villages in Dnipropetrovsk should receive equal access to training and education. To achieve this goal, we are increasing yearly funding from the regional budget for the implementation of programs aimed at the educational sphere. In addition, we hold contests for local development that allow local communities to intensify and co-financing to solve immediate problems in the future — said Eugene Hoopoe.

Repair kindergarten "Kalinka", according to the head of the regional council, has become an example of successful cooperation with the regional council chernyavschinskoy public.

— Our task — to create the conditions for the education of creative, fully-developed personality, able to fulfill their potential. Such a task presents us with the President and is expected of us by our fellow citizens. The first step to this is kindergarten. It is in pre-school should be a comfortable environment parenting, — says Evgeny Hoopoe.

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