The Dnipropetrovsk started a single Internet portal Youth

The Dnipropetrovsk started Internet portal Youth Centre region ( This project will help young people broaden their education, find a variety of options for active leisure time and take the first step to becoming your own career. Presentation of the web portal was based on the Youth Center of Dnipropetrovsk.

Internet portal Youth Center Dnipropetrovsk region includes the following headings: "news", "youth for youth", "employment", "international programs", "training", "volunteer", "projects". Page Youth Center also can be found in social networks ("in contact", "Classmates», «Twitter», «Facebook»). The site will help young people Dnipropetrovsk region decide their own employment, to diversify away from home, visit the interesting classes or training, and attract talented and motivated young people to the development of Dnipropetrovsk.

Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Dmitry Kolesnikov said that implementing IT technologies in the educational process, we are taking another important step in the future. The Dnipropetrovsk already operate Internet portals, which combined all the students area, created a single online database kindergartens. "Internet portal Youth Center — a new unifying platform for the youth of the region," — he said.

Dmitry Kolesnikov stressed the importance of what the authors of the site is very young, which is open to new knowledge and is willing to share his knowledge with others. "These are young people who have realized that the world — that's a lot of opportunities that need to learn and use. In the words of Winston Churchill, who has knowledge, he owns the world. I am convinced that those young people who want to develop and improve their skills, a great future. And Internet portal Youth Centre plays an important role in their growth, "- said Dmitry Kolesnikov.

Youth center Dnipropetrovsk was created as part of the regional program "New Dnipropetrovsk — a new standard of education" and began work August 28, 2012. The Center provides assistance to young people in employment, volunteering organization and coordination of educational and cultural programs.

Within four months of the Youth Center Dnipropetrovsk was held two all-Ukrainian festival of alternative sports, Day of the Elderly, Parade professions field meeting National Students of the Youth Council, the Governor's Ball and intercollegiate New Year Carnival. On the basis of the Youth Center are free English language training in the basics of journalism and lectures on the culture of sexual relations.

Now all information on the activities of the Youth Center is available on the Internet portal —

"For the development of an Internet portal Youth Center, we have taken into account the views of key youth organizations, listened to the comments and created a product that will really be useful and necessary to society. Team Youth Center is ready to take into account all the youth initiatives and proposals and to assist in their further implementation ", — said the director of the Youth Center Maxim Leshenko.

Now Youth Center is actively working on the development of projects for 2013. Already under consideration are more than 150 youth associations proposed initiatives and proposals for the further implementation of which Internet portal will become an essential tool.


The Dnipropetrovsk during 2011-2012 9 introduced innovative region-wide electronic projects:

• Portal unified educational center (, Which combined into a single information and educational space network of educational institutions of the region.
• «electronic diary", "Electronic Journal" and "Digital Library", which allowed parents in the on-line to receive information about the progress of their children, and students had the opportunity to read the soft artistic and academic literature in electronic form.
• «Logistics school bus," in its framework on all buses installed GPS-navigation and emergency button (
• «Regional e-School", which consists of:
o Online School for Gifted Children —,
o Online School for children with special needs —,
o Virtual aerospace school —
• «E-kindergarten", for this project have already started the Web sites of all 927 pre-schools in the region.

Address Youth Center Dnipropetrovsk
Dnipropetrovsk Regional Youth Center is located at: Dnipropetrovsk city. Academician Lazaryana, 2, Palace of Students of Dnepropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport. Academician Lazaryana.
Phone: 732 08 95 732 08 96

The content of the main categories Internet portal Youth Center Dnipropetrovsk:

— Informative part of the portal is "News" section, where everyone can learn about the most important events in our region.
— Under the heading "Volunteering" can find current volunteer projects and participate in their implementation or suggest the idea of volunteerism, and the team of the Youth Center will help bring it to life.
— Section "Employment" will help establish fruitful cooperation of students and Dnipropetrovsk regional employment centers. Also, there will be information that will help our young people to become more competitive in the labor market, namely the detailed articles about writing resumes, interviewing and selection of the employer.
— Also on the Web site for information about the unique project of the Youth Centre "Youth for Youth" and to become a party to it. The project aims to give young people the opportunity to develop, learn and improve teaching skills in yourself, because this is where everyone will be able to conduct their own courses and trainings.
— Section "International Programs" useful throughout students, because here you can find exchange programs and internships abroad, reviews and stories of students who have already become members of such training. At present, almost all higher education institutions in Dnepropetrovsk are fruitful collaboration with foreign universities and provide an opportunity for our students to study abroad.
— One of the main objectives of the Youth Center — to target young people to write the copyright of projects to receive grants. It is with this purpose in section "Projects" you can find tips on writing projects, their registration and the rules for filing, as well as all possible foundations and organizations that provide grants.
— Also posted on the website schedule of all the activities of the youth living area, opportunities for international internships, legal advice and more.

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