The door to the dream

November 17, 2011 23:32

The door opened, and she ran into Charlie. The door is then closed, and since then we have not seen him

In the spring I was visiting a friend in New York, and she told me the story of one of his American childhood friend. We have long puzzled over what had happened and how to treat it, but could not decide. Anticipating the story, I will say only one thing: the family, which will be discussed now lives quite happily — all alive and well, that's just a friend of my friend never got married because he was afraid for a while leave their parents alone.

 The night before, Kate Emily called for a serious conversation and tried carefully to find out what day do the children in disadvantaged neighborhoods. She resented that other moms do not care for the way children spend their free time.

She thought that the girl told her yesterday. At the entrance of one of the darkest house, they found a strange door between floors, which have properties that appear, then disappear. The children decided on their own to reveal the secret. But Kate was open girl and has become used to tell his mother. However, during this time made her swear that she had uttered no vanishing of the door. Girl breathlessly said, "Mommy, I'm telling the truth. Day before the door opened, and she ran into Charlie. The door is then closed, and since then we have not seen him. And it's been almost three days. Gregory said before, even if Charlie was running for the day, he always came to the night to eat and sleep in his hut. " Charlie was a beautiful, friendly dog of unknown breed, living in the Green family two doors away.

At first Emily was about to laugh, and then think about it, and the truth, I have not Charlie a few days and did not hear him barking. When the young woman realized this fact, she began to worry openly.

More to this conversation, they did not come back, and today the children ran back to look at this mysterious door. Emily knew the mind that can not be so, but somewhere deep inside her sitting panic, that her daughter would go sometime in the door and disappears behind it, like poor Charlie. It was necessary to do something. But what? She could not deny her daughter going out with friends, I could not keep out the childish company wander where they were interested, but to sit quietly in one place for it, too, could not. Emily jumped up and began to pace nervously veranda. Yesterday's horror sensation returned and began to torment her with a bang. It is not good to drink alcohol, even in the daytime, but Emily, spitting on his own principles, splashed into the glass a generous portion of whiskey and drank it almost in one gulp. Heart beat a little calm and in a familiar rhythm. Gained clarity of thought, and his head began to think.

"First you need to go to the green and check whether the dog house. Of course, now there is only a cook, but you can think of a convincing reason. Okay, think of the road "- decided to Emily. But did not have to invent anything. As she walked away from her house, she saw the cook Greens, going to meet her. She called the dog and looking around. Emily pretended to have forgotten something in the house and came back. "What do you do?" — Pounding hammers in the brain of a single thought. And then she heard the voices of children, among them Kate voice. "Today, they are early. What does that mean? "- Thought Emily and immediately thought that the children were going to a birthday peach red cat, pet the very bosom girlfriend Kate — Angelica. Celebrate the birthday of Peach was a tradition. The children came up with this fun, when they were six years old, and has since followed it religiously. They imagined themselves originals — funny and touching kids! But today, Emily was ready to kiss the very contrary Peach and give him the big bag of feed.

"As soon as Kate and Sebastian go to sleep, I will go there myself and look at the door" — decided to Emily. — Of course, we could talk about it to my husband, but Sebastian is so busy at work and it would be unconscionable to hang up on him yet, and the problem. " Emily had almost managed to convince myself that this whole story — the incredible stupidity. Citing the abundance of cases, the young woman went to bed my husband and daughter, and she, after waiting half an hour left for the next quarter.

Emily humming silly children's song and she giggled at himself. This happened to her fear. The first entrance of an apartment building № 12/3, which, according to Kate, was a mysterious door was wide open. The light inside is not on fire. Emily came in, trying not too loud pounding heels. Up and walked between the eighth and ninth floor saw that same door. Nothing special about it was not. The only oddity — among other floors in this place was a blank wall. Looking closer, Emily realized that the door looks like any foreign body. It was larger than a standard door, and the material from which it was made, was not similar to any previously known to her. Oh, and the door had no handle! Emily stood in front of her a minute or two, fighting the nausea from a friend is the tide of terror.

Somehow I took myself in hand, she turned to the stairs, intending to go back, when she heard a creaking back and felt a slight breeze. Emily turned back — the door slowly opened. A young woman wanted to run, but her feet seemed rooted to the floor, and his eyes involuntarily ran into space that opened the door slowly. Tensely peering inside, she saw there the evening an old cobbled street, the coffee table in front of a small restaurant, swinging lanterns … The picture was so peaceful and very familiar, that Emily herself did not notice that stepped on that street and sat down at a table.

The move took her last strength. Unable to move, she painfully remembered where's seen it all before, and suddenly realized that this is the landscape hanging in her bedroom on the marital bed. She was inside the painting! This discovery is somehow not scared Emily. And the heart began to beat more evenly! All she felt at that moment — it is only peace and quiet. The cafe waiter came and put in front of her coffee cup. The woman thanked him with a smile and happily drank the beverage. Passed by the people, and no one paid her no attention …

As if from a distance Emily heard the song "Happy Birthday to you!" And opened her eyes. I was surprised to realize that he was in his bedroom, but instead are Sebastian and Kate with a cake in hand. Emily felt the heroine plays the absurd — it's summer, and the day of her birth in the winter. Why husband and daughter congratulate her today? Emily well remembered the previous night — she went to look at the mysterious door, then went inside and found a cafe on a side street … And then Kate said, "Today, for the first time in the winter snow. This is in honor of your birthday, Mom! "And then there was tea with cake, presents, guests … and Emily could not figure out where it happened a few months of life. Kate no longer talking about the white door, and Emily to her about it did not resemble. "Maybe I had just a strange dream?" — She thought, looking at the painting above the bed.

And by next summer Emily suddenly disappeared. Her long sought but never found. Sebastian decided to remove the picture from the wall, which reminded him too much of his wife. Kate, now hiding in the closet, she noticed her figure of a woman sitting at a table. Previously, it was not there. "Well, here I am, and you find, Mom. I've always known that you are there "- thought the girl. "Perhaps we should talk about the door dad. Only next time entrance opens in the winter. I hope that he will believe me, and together we'll be waiting for your return. Because you're my only mother and the other I do not want to. "

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