The European Parliament is returning to Belarus

Today in Strasbourg, MEPs will discuss the situation with human rights in Belarus. The debate will be held in the spring session of the European Parliament. Following the discussion is expected to adopt a special resolution.

Although the discussion of the Belarusian issue in the agenda of the session was listed on May 12, it actually started yesterday. Belarus on Wednesday raised the topic in his speech, the supreme representative of EU foreign policy Catherine Ashton. She stated that the actions of Alexander Lukashenko made inevitable sanctions against the Belarusian leadership:

"He did not leave us other option but to enter in response to tougher sanctions against the regime responsible for the repression, including the president himself against Lukashenko. Also, we need to strengthen support for civil society and human contacts."

Ms Ashton recalled his meeting with the families of those arrested during the events of December in Minsk, the Belarusian opposition and civil society activists. Among them was Olga Bondarenko — The wife of political prisoner Dmitry Bondarenko, activists of "European Belarus". Mrs. Olga said, "Freedom", which she welcomes discussion of the situation of the Belarusian European parliamentarians:

Our barman, our families before such meetings are always some benefits …

"I'm happy for the simple reason that the issue of Belarus is not on the agenda, it all the time rises. I said, meet more frequently. After all, it turns out that our barman, our families before such meetings are always given some privileges. That article of the charge changed to a lighter, then something else. Every time there was something good. "

One of the key messages performances Catherine Ashton was the call is not limited to a reaction in the form of petitions and protests against regimes rated as anti-democratic, and use them against the action.

Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko believes the European Parliament resolution on the situation in Belarus is extremely important:

Political room for maneuver of the official Belarusian authorities has declined significantly …

"Today we are witnessing the fact that the international community develops a unified message of the official Minsk. And this is a new quality to the situation. When in front of the presidential campaign, we have seen that the message of these were many, and they were totally different in content, but today it is clear that there is a consolidation in this matter. This means that the political room for maneuver of the official Belarusian government has reduced considerably. predict that this time will be a pretty tough statement. And given the fact that the European Parliament is constantly expanding its influence in the executive structures of the European Union, I would not treat this as a regular piece of paper. "

The President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek yesterday with a group of deputies appealed to the President of the International Ice Hockey Federation not to call the World Cup in Minsk, in Belarus, while not released all political prisoners.


20 January the European Parliament adopted a resolution which condemned the harsh repression in Belarus on the day of the presidential election and called on the EU Council to conduct an independent investigation into the events under the auspices of the OSCE.

March 10 adopted another EP resolution condemning the use of torture of detainees in relation to a criminal case on the events in Minsk on December 19. MEPs condemned in the country of "an atmosphere of fear, repression and persecution of civil society and the media" — searches in the offices and apartments of journalists and NGO activists who have been expelled and dismissals for political reasons.


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