The fate of the domes of the Church of Boris and Gleb commission decides

The Ministry of Culture of Belarus to stop the reconstruction of the church in Navahrudak Boris and Gleb, in which the Gothic church was supposed to put his unusual golden onion dome. Special instruction is directed Novogrudok authorities and the abbot of the temple.

Since the beginning this week after each publication on the websites of Radio Liberty, "Nasha Niva" and others regarding the restoration of the Church of Boris and Gleb Novogrudskaya heated discussions arose. There are no indifferent — readers expressed outrage that the Gothic church are going to establish the Byzantine dome-bulbs.

Today the head of the protection of historical and cultural heritage and the restoration of the Ministry of Culture Igor Cherniavsky reported that Nowogrodek directed injunction to stop work on the Church of Boris and Gleb.

"Come on, of course. Suspend work. Duly approve documentation. Get permission from the Ministry of Culture. That is approximately the items laid out there. "

But as the deputy chairman of the executive committee Novogrudskii Sergei Falyuk, documents and permission from the Ministry of Culture to establish domes they had:

"There is a permit to work on the historical and cultural value — Boris and Gleb Church from 26 January 2010, to conduct the research project works to restore the swimming completion of the temple. Then there is another such document, "Report on the project documentation." "The project is proposed to restore the character of the completion of the towers of the reconstruction project of 1866, which lasted until 1990." Still have a license to carry out the work, signed by the Deputy Minister of Culture IKA. "

The current view of the Church of Boris and Gleb in Navahrudak.

It is from the 1870s of the 19th century until 1990 the church stood with domes. The historian of architecture Sergei Hareuski:

"In a specially sent architects — Ryazanov, Chagina — had a goal to give the church as so to speak," Yaroslav-Suzdal "view. And in the early 1870s, this unique church of Saints Boris and Gleb in Navahrudak, a unique monument of our dagatychnay and architecture, and the Gothic in including, owned at the time by former Basilian — she was given these kupalochki-bumbyalochki in such a la Russian alyapavatym form. And in this way, with these bulbs, it lasted until 1990. "

And then to the main facade was attached porch, and the end of the Gothic towers were replaced by cut-tents of the churches and innovative features.

The reconstruction of the arches and towers of the church returned to the original gothic-renesansavy view. What will happen now, says the head of the Office of the historical and cultural heritage and the restoration of the Ministry of Culture Igor Cherniavsky:

"So far, I have not done any of the tragedy. First, there is a resolution to repair some elements of the roof. Emphasize: the roof and the individual elements. Its repair is necessary, unchanged design features, as it is rusted. Second, with regard to the completion of the towers. To date, no design documentation for the completion of the towers, which was approved. Project documentation will be provided with a justification of design solutions will be discussed — and if the justification is normal, is adopted and approved. To date, only a sketch approved the proposal for further design. "

Today, the Ministry of Culture called Head of Culture Novogrudskii executive committee, on Friday at the Ministry of Culture invited the abbot of the temple. The Ministry of Culture says that the fate of the future shape of Boris and Gleb Church will decide authoritative commission.


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