The feeling that the president became an overnight Zenon

Company Now I think I understand why our appearance so confused staff at the Polar Teriberki Russian village where we just now pryvandravali with her son. All questioned, as we hear about them, and what came as something suspicious listening to the answers, and in a hurry to accept us. Weird behavior for those who live at the expense of the guests. All the more places in the hotel lacked.


Still not knowing anything about the gas war, I decided that this hotel is really not a hotel. As there was an internet club Internet club near Murmansk railway station, despite a sign on the door. When I arrived, I was beaten out of the way surprised and nervous reaction of the staff, even though the only thing I asked for — to get to the network. Supposedly exist for this internet clubs. However, they obviously just wanted to show out faster than me. When we left there, the son told me that, it appears, in connection with the prohibition of gambling establishments in Russia, some of them under mimikravali internet clubs.

So, faced with inadequate response hotel staff thought: Well, clearly, again, a simulacrum. Not to Bandit "raspberry" what. No, really a hotel, but without the appropriate signage. Problem is, it seems, was that it stopped managers of "Gazprom" (near Teriberki planned to build a plant for zvadkavanni gas from the Shtokman gas field). And then at night looking just at the height of the gas war, being asked to wait some suspicious Belarusians, brought the same difficult … Who knows what thoughts they have caused it. They were amazed that we take gazpromavtsav hostage? We arrange a terrorist attack?

Attack feared woman in Baranovichy train on which I was riding in Fanipol from Minsk, after returning from a trip to the edge of the world. She already jumped on the place, glancing fearfully at the "left unattended things." Finally broke down, she turned to me. Something must be done, there is not a bomb because "Lukashenko quarreled with all the — all can be expected."

"War smells", — explained the blogger mikalaj_achyzha looking forward to his broadcast interview to Euronews Lukashenko neighbor in the cottage. Which is usually "more interested in fishing than politics."

Directed by performance

Some bloggers have also interpreted the gas conflict in terms of military operations. For instance, sergechaly, posing in his journal a detailed vision of the Russia-Belarus gas dispute, uses words like "attack", "battle", "shoots", "surrender". He argues quite convincingly that the Kremlin is utterly lost on all fronts.

"Hurrah! Finally our went on the offensive! ", — wrote veter_r_r, if you really put an ultimatum to Moscow, Minsk.

But many regulars network, as opposed to people whose thinking was formed back in the era of dainternetnuyu inclined to accept at face value formed by reality TV and literally understand the words, seen in a simple proposed a sinuous intricacies.

The same veter_r_r else writes about the Russian-Belarusian conflict:

"Whether the circus and then some idiots on the wire, it will soon pop up something from what we mouths open."

"It looks like … That underneath it all pun hiding much more interesting and global things "
, — assents to it wasabilive.

Global intrigue ("U.S. vs. China", "U.S. vs. EU") saw a Russian-Belarusian conflict diko0braz:

"You lose sight of the main result energavoynav — the growth in world energy prices.

Energapadatku the major contributor of this is China. The tax is going to the ruling coalition — U.S., Russia, England.

The performances of three tranzytserav (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) also put pressure on Europe. "

The reader of "Nasha Niva" spy suggested, as if all this "gas war" — directed by pre-election performance:

"Maybe this gas war — PR for Lukashenko? Or so stupid Russians to lose in the rhetoric i propaganda?

Russia also acknowledged a debt for transit (over Belarusian gas debt) — so why did she pick up the noise? They all pre-calculated the AHL and agreed on everything. Just before July 3. And since the difference between the debt created under the guise of going Lukashenko on the campaign trail. I prapiyaryvsya it's great. "

The same opinion is shared by the reader of "Freedom" Patryet:

"Have gone to Moscow Sasha allegedly satellite number 2 to see … Dropped to Medvedev, then to Vovochka arrived, and then on to you! International conflict. Gazprom has demanded money and should not have to demand. But our Sasha as "razrulili" situation, which immediately became a hero of the nation! And that's before the election, I wonder what will happen next? .. "

Zyanon BACK to politics

So far as a "senior fellow", or exemplary example that supposedly equals Lukashenko:

"Lukashenko today — it Paznyak yesterday. It seems that while they reasoned ". (luchosa)

"In the videos BT phrase" imperial complexes of the Kremlin "sounds a refrain … The feeling of the view that we have suddenly become the President of Zenon Pozniak, but the news for some reason are in Russian. :-) " (lemantar)

"Comrade. Lukashenko intuitively in fifteen years, "caught up" with all theses repeatedly berated Zeno and imperialism, and the Black Sea and Baltic collector. We have to think, Comrade. Proleskovsky already hard at work shtudiruet Zeno Stanislavovich. And could save time. " (ihar_piatnitsky)

"On protection of the independence, the Kremlin's imperial thinking and a desire to keep Belarus in its sphere of influence, he spoke in such terms, and so passionately, as if his mouth himself said Zenon Pozniak."
(Alexander Klaskouski)

However, the auroras are skeptical of such a "reincarnation." Responding party forum on the portal, dedicated to the discussion of the interview Lukashenko channel "Euronews", who claimed that "Lukashenko in the first place is for Belarus and its interests," antipan indignantly replied:

"In order for these small razdimayutstsa and economic conflicts BT-propaganda to the space-hysterical" dairy and gas wars "to you and your like-minded people came and voted for the right Radiant Winner GAZAVAMALOCHNYH wars over imperial enemies, who continue their bony hand to suppress the most valuable thing we have — "our independence!" "

For the Kremlin, WE AGAIN "Belarus"

Attentive to detail blogger malishevsky noticed that the gas conflict has generated linguistic changes to the political flavor of the official Kremlin website.

Last November, Medvedev has shown unprecedented generosity — decided that the Belarusians deserve to have their country was called "Belarus". This is to emphasize its independence. Then on the Kremlin website, and so it was called.

However, on 21 June this year, she was again replaced by "Belarus". The blogger concludes:

"Here's the deal, Russia. Belarus to pay off their debts. With the "Belarus" will you have a problem. Belarus is she, I know! And I know now what it means to you is the word — "Belarus". &quo

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