The food is without rules watch online

The food is without rules watch online
How many times, watching the fray next culinary chefs and the stars, you read as to myself, "Oh, I am preparing something better?" Now you there is a chance to prove it all over the country!
"The food is without rules" — the first bona fide culinary battle. Ordinary housewife (or householder — no worse than a man cook!) Will get a chance to compete for the title of best chef with those who have long taken all TV dishes of our country — the stars of show business, and by restaurant chefs!
No superior cuisine, hard goods and fancy titles dishes. But our Russian "menu-duty" — all that we enjoy preparing and eating with gusto every day. Two members of one and the same dish and no more rules, only culinary intuition, experience and secrets that there is and chefs, and stars, and certainly the experienced home cooks. Victory will be those who will prepare delicious. A fight for the victory is: the best cook receive a large monetary prize!
The unique taste of the culinary newcomer will show its leader and chief steward in the kitchen — a recognizable actor and producer Sergei Zhirunov who understands a lot about good food!

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