The foundation on stilts

Construction of the northern criteria has always been difficult. If the central or southern part of the Russian Federation to build a house — is to dig a hole for the foundation, fill it with concrete in a special formwork, and then proceed with the construction of the walls and roof.
In the northern regions of the same prepyadstviya start from the beginning. Dig a hole for the foundation in the frozen ground is not only difficult and impractical. Even if you build a building on a solid foundation, it is time to begin to sink into the ground. That's why, for many "northern" buildings used pile foundation, which allows construction kept at a certain level for a long time. Pile foundations are used for low-rise construction, not only in northern criteria, and on muddy terrain. Many rural buildings in the Bryansk, Kaluga and other western areas of the country are built specifically for pile foundations. This is to ensure that the criteria to wetlands building did not fall into the swamp.
In the suburbs many houses are also being built on pile foundations. This may also be due to the swampy terrain.
When using foundation on piles are a number of advantages.
In 1-x, in this case do not have to do much work earthy character. In-2, used for pile foundation has the least amount of materials that can markedly reduce the final cost of construction. B-3, this kind of construction can be carried out even in the winter, because as has been said, the frozen ground will not prevent the introduction of pile pillars. In addition, the subsidence of the structure can be ruled out, even in the event of flooding of terrain on which the house is located.
But not always, using pile foundation can go to the final cost of money. One can not forget the fact that the pile driving, and of their delivery to the construction site can be expensive. That's why it makes no sense use the pile foundation in the area where the soil is quite reliable.
More appropriate for private construction can be a helical piles. They can be screwed in ground with special rotating device, which is called lignite. Drill can be rotated by the force of the people, and with the help of special equipment.

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