The French come by sea

The Kremlin and the Elysee Palace on Friday issued a joint statement about the deal, which is unprecedented in Russian history. So the web-site of President Dmitry Medvedev has published information that the tender for the supply of 2-DVKD (vertoletonosnyh amphibious ships, docks) for the Defense Ministry won by a consortium including the French company — DCNS and the Russian United Shipbuilding Company (USC). Initially planned to build two amphibious vessels, with a production capability of more 2-ships in the coming. It is reported that the total amount of the transaction exceeded 1.5 billion. euro. The French statement differs from the Russian mention of the fact that this transaction will allow France to keep the job for thousands of people in over 4 years, in the main on the STX shipyard in the town of Saint-Nazaire.

Mistral class ships are designed to transport 500 Marines, 13 tanks and 16 helicopters. Ship capable of making the 4th of various tasks: using helicopters to produce a force on the land, to be the center of command and act as a floating hospital. The operation of our homeland will use the Russian Ka-27 and Ka-52, and two-bed cabins, which are created for the crew and the assault force will change the least comfortable Kubrick. Coupled with the vehicle will be sold to the combat information management system Zenith 9, but without a license on it.

About Russian plans to buy Mistral first started talking in the summer of 2009, active negotiations began in the spring of this year, which is interrupted for a period designated by the Russian legislation tender. It offers except DCNS and USC considered the draft of the Korean company Daewoo, German TKMS, Spanish Navantia and St. Petersburg Nevsky PKB. In the end, the winner was a consortium of DCNS (developer Mistral) and USC

According to the available disk imaging STX shipyard under a contract to build two ships, the assembly has 2-ships in Russia will be an option. The price of the first vessel, taking into account construction, crew training, service and spare parts will be 700 million euros, the second — 600 million euros. Two ship of this type built for the French Navy cost it 650 million euros, but, as the manager of the USC, the price has since risen, and of the construction of ships for the French did not anticipate the training of crews of ships and shipyards, service and spare parts services.

Already in the first fraction of a ship Russian role will be 20%. For USC profitability of the project will be at the zero level, the main objective of the company will obtain advanced technologies. This means that in Russia can be collected in a section of the ship at the cost of 20%, but certain shipyards in Russia have not yet been chosen. In the coming this role will increase, reports Moscow Defense Brief Editor Mischa drums, but the building has 2-vessels RF fairly vague question. Drums Sam wonders why the Navy came in handy this ship, Designed for the needs of overseas expeditions French fleet.

At this point the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov has its own outlook, the first similar DVKD Mistral-class will go to the Pacific Fleet, where he was meant to use to move troops to the Kuril Islands in the case of the latter necessary.

For the French DCNS deal with Moscow first principled even in respect of foreign exchange, and eventually enter the international market. This deal will be the first in the history of the company. Earlier Mistral lost to Australian tender of the Spanish company Navantia. After making a deal with Russia, the company appears more likely to enter trades in the Asian market.

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