The head of the astronaut Tikal

More detail the "head" can be considered in R. Kinzhalova. The author states that this subject is found in the ancient Mayan city of Piedras Negras (Guatemala), and calls him "the head of the god of death (Stand altar)."

Unfortunately, given a single image, the object (front view), details not visible in the side and rear sides. However, with a certain probability in this "god of death" can be identified radio transceiver, the surface of which are different parts: connectors for antennas, power button, volume knob of the transmitter and the receiver, corrugated limbs receiver and transmitter adjustment, the scale of the dial indicator frequency ranges keyswitches ranges airtight container lid for batteries or the like power supply.

Recently, the ancient Mayan city of Tikal was unearthed a stele with a relief depicting "sky god", the suit is almost similar to the above. The head of this image was repulsed in ancient times, and also upon the interpretation of the image (right panel), for clarity, was to finish with the head of an ancient astronaut vessel Maya. Stele can be analyzed without this part.

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